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Match your Face with Celebrity

After the trending FaceApp, it is the Gradient app that is going viral these days. Photo apps are quickly gaining popularity nowadays. If there is some creativity in the app, the number of downloads keeps on increasing day-by-day. The current trend is uploading selfies and witnessing some imagined versions. The same logic is used in Gradient App too.

This Celebrity look alike app is trending at no 1 position in the app store. This app brings out a transition photos between two look alike celebs. Basically it is a selfie photo editor app. It will help you to match your face with other people and celebrities. The app is developed by Ticket of the Moon.

This feature of Gradient App is possible through the most advanced artificial intelligence and beautification technologies the app makes use of. It only takes seconds to tune your photos to perfection. The app is available for Android as well as iOS.

Features of Gradient App

Apart from matching your photos with other people, the Gradient App offers many other features too. It allows you to create beautiful hair color collages. You can share these with your friends and find out which one suits you the best. The app makes use of AI technologies for implementing both entertaining and professional features.

They claim these features to be unique. In mere seconds, the app can create your best looking photos. It gives you a chance to Resize eyes and lips, adjust skin tone, change the color of your hair etc. On the whole, the Gradient App enhances your natural beauty. It helps you to make your picture more professional even though you click it from a low quality camera.

Check Gradient Celebrity Similar to You

Even though there are many features for this app, Who’s Your Twin feature is the trending one. We all have that interest to know which historical person or celebrity looks similar to you. It is quite easy to try out this feature. You can have the option to “Try Now” when you get to this feature in this app.

You can then click on the purple call to action button. Choose a photo of yourself from your phone’s photo library. Now, the app will work to transform your face into that of a famous celebrity. This will be taking place in a span of four gradually changing photos.

You will get a chance to change the style of the post at the bottom of the app. You can choose between two types of normal posts and two types of story posts. It will be labelled as A and B. Finally, you will get a chance to choose a Top 3 collage. This collage is a collection of three rows of four photos. Based on a single photo of yourself, the app makes out three different celebrities.

When you select the style of the post you want, you can share it on instagram or with your friends. You can also email it to someone, save it to your phone, copy it, assign it to a contact, print it, add it to a shared album, save it to files, or create a watch face. You get all these options in a single place, which is amazing.

This is a doubt for many who wishes to try out this wonderful app. This app is not free, which is a great disappointment for many. You will have to pay if you wish to know which celebrity is your look alike. After downloading it on your phone, you can use it for free up to three days. If you want to use it more, you will have to pay $19.99/month. You can also get a weekly membership at $4.99/week. But the app is worth the price. You will know it once you try it out.

Ethnicity Estimate Gradient Upgrade

This feature will estimate the DNA ancestry and tell ethnic background of your life. The DNA ancestry is done by artificial intelligence. You can upload your photo and they will analyze and provide you with the data you need.

The gradient app claim their formula will give your right answers regarding the ethnicity with estimated results. You can get the results in ethnicity percentage.

Functions of Gradient Ethnicity Estimate App

  • Can use professional beautification tools.
  • Many filters along with textures for face.
  • Application is easy to use.
  • Can create historical painting.
  • Know the DNA Ancestry withe photo upload.

If you are a person who would love to see some creative sides with a photo of yours, you must surely try this app. The technologies this app uses is an assurance that the app will not disappoint you. The features of this app can be made use of to beautify your app, which may not be that professional using the free apps available in the app stores.

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