Reported Crashing problem for latest Twitter App Update

The latest update of Twitter App for android devices are getting error soon after the application is opened. The version with this crashing problem is for Twitter v8.28. For many people, the default option in Google Play is to update the Apps automatically. So this will update the version to latest in most of the Android devices.

There is no problem said for using Twitter app in iPhone and other platforms. The latest update from Twitter is not to update the application to latest version until an official statement from Twitter. You can use the Twitter website without other problems.

If you have already updated the Twitter app by mistake or updated automatically, the twitter app down by closing with and error message. The crashing problem will close the application and ask for feedback which you can avoid as Twitter is already aware of the issue and they are on solving the issue. This Twitter app keeps crashing problem will not affect other privacy issues as it is only the Android application error.

Solution to Twitter App Crashing

You can use the browser to use the Twitter website. The is the official website. Another solution is to uninstall the Twitter application. Then go to other website for Twitter apk which you can download as a file and install on your device manually.

To install the apk version of Twitter, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option. You can done this from your device security settings. You will be promted with a warning message and you can just continue to installation by clicking OK.

By installing like this, the apk version you are installing will not be scanned by playstore app scanner. So it is important to check the website authenticity where you are downloading the Twitter apk version. Otherwise you cannot verify whether the app version you installed is official version or not.

Twitter Web App for Mobile Interface

The people who loves to use the Twitter app on their laptop or desktop can try the Twitter app web which will helps to get the mobile interface through the web browser. The mobile version of Twitter will be served by using the web application. This is similar to Whatsapp web where we can use Whatsapp over on larger device. This will help people who are suffering from Twitter crashing problem and we are hoping the problem will be solved soon and waiting for an update from Twitter’s end.

If Twitter app is not updated to latest version, you need to turn off automatic update to stop updating the app to lasted version. You can then turn on the automatic update when they release the latest version without other errors. You can know about this from their official Twitter page.