Get Caller details by using Truecaller

Truecaller is a best mobile application used to get information on Calls, Messages and other communications. This is a telephone directory which replaces default phone dialer and messenger with an interactive interface and includes many other features.

When we install the Truecaller App, it will collect all contacts from our smartphone to their database. The Information from this database will be used for creating the directory. Like this the databases collected from different users will become a large database. This database information will be used for helping others to find Caller information. The same contact information collected from different users makes that Truecaller directory more accurate.

We can create our own personal profile in Truecaller. This helps to verify our mobile number and we can connect our social accounts of Facebook and Google with our profile. Our profile picture from the connected account will be used to show others while making calls. We can also see verified accounts of others with their profile picture.

We can use our favorite social sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with Truecaller. Our profile privacy can be changed from the settings helps us to hide our further details from others. They can then request us to view our profile.

Truecaller Business helps to businesses to add their business profile. The company name will be shown as name on caller id. The business profile can add details of business hours, location, e-mail address, description, contact person details, website, social accounts etc. This will help others to easily find the businesses more secure and trustworthy.

Features of Truecaller

Truecaller will automatically search for the contact information while we receive or make a call. There will be a small banner which includes the contact information and showed over our calling screen. If the caller is spam, we can see the contact marked as spam and the banner will be in red colour.

This will help us to easily find the spammers without attending the phone call. If we attend the call and after the call ends, the banner will still visible for us for reviewing the contact. We can also add the contact to our address book, re-call, sms etc from the banner itself.

The Truecaller also backs up our contacts, call history, call logs, block list etc and helps to restore them when needed. We can sent flash messages to our contacts who already using Truecaller. We can know a contacts status by checking on their contact profile. It will show last seen, availability and online status of the contact. We can either enable or disable our availability from the profile settings.

By selecting a profile, we can see their given location, website details, e-mail address. Other third party connections can also seen from the profile like WhatsApp, Freecharge, Google Duo etc. We can also search contact by name or using their phone number. From Truecaller menu, take scan phone number to identify a contact by placing camera over a phone number. This helps to add written contacts easily to our address book.

Truecaller offers to record phone calls without need of any recording apps. We can select automatic call record or manually record. You can change it from the settings. The recorded audios can be backup to Google drive right from Truecaller. This call record service is of 14 days free trial and can continue the service after the trial by upgrading the account to Truecaller Premium.

Truecaller Premium Benefits

The Truecaller Premium adds much more features to the basic account. By upgrading, the top spammers will be blocked automatically without our interference. The Call recording and Ad free interface makes it to use Truecaller much more easy. We can upgrade our account by using Credit card, Paypal or Google Play Gift Card. We can view other peoples profile without notifying them and see people who viewed our profile. There will a premium badge for our account when we upgrade to premium account.

The Truecaller Pro features can be availed free by referring friends. Each friend join the Truecaller from your referral code, both you and your friend will get the Pro features free for a week. The referrals can be done to any number of people.

By upgrading to Truecaller Premium Gold, your caller id, after call screen, detail view interfaces will becomes Gold in colour. This is a yearly plan and does not have option for free trial by referring others to join Truecaller.

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