Things to keep you busy at Home

Most of the people are stuck inside home because of this new virus. It will be very boring sitting without any other activities. It is very need to move the time without thinking too much of the disease. For time pass, you can do below thing that people do at their homes and isolation rooms.

Watch the Contagion Full Movie

The Contagion movie, which is released actually in 2011. Directed by Steven Soderbergh starring Matt Damon and Kate Winslet. This science fiction movie also say a story of infectious disease which is just like the coronavirus we are having now.

As the movie says, the life of people comes to normal after 135 days. This movie is not suggested for kids because of violence in the movie scenes.

It shows us different issues related to the virus. Many people are suffering and waiting for medical care from CDC and government. At last they develop a vaccine to stop the virus. Hope it will also happen now in real to save millions of people from death.

Educlan Learning for Kids

This is for your children. This e-learning platform will make your kids study without boring. It can manage the study materials and deliver learning content and resources.

You can clan Educlan service from their website or installing Educlan app. They have many courses to learn and tutorials to explain each content to the children.

Educlan channels are available and categorized by 3 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years and 9 10 years. You can choose the channel based on your kids age. The visual educational contents are simple to learn for kids and they can keep the childrens from getting bore. This makes them to study well things in easy manner and their learning habit can be improved.

Educlan covers subjects mathematics, science, history and language learning. The different characters given for teaching students improve attention and they can enjoy without confusions. With the Clan TV, educational activities become entertaining for everyone young ones. This a new technology to install class room in the home.

ABCmouse App

ABC mouse reading, math, art, music for the kids in ages 2 to 8. There are 10,000+ learning activities available for children.

It is also used by schools and libraries. There are also books available from other languages like spanish. It is safe for children and it is need to subscribed by the parent to use ABCmouse for their kids.

There is 30 days trial offer from abcmouse which can be freely used for 30 days. There are animated videos in abcmouse which will help kids to engage in their studies with entertainment.

The Assessment Center available in ABCmouse helps the parents to see their children’s knowledge and skill. This helps them guide their chidrens easily with their studies and interests.

Animal Crossing Switch

Animal crossing Pocket Camp is availble on Appstore and playstore by Nintendo switch. Custom created New Leaf or Happy Home Designer can be taken to new Horizons.

NookLink helps to connect with others through voice message and chat. The costs are $4 for one month, $8 for three months, and $20 for a year. You can make patterns for clothing, art, flags and many more on Animal crossing. You can see 100 animals with quirky personalities in this game.

You can download the pattern from NookPhone and navigate to the Customs Designs. You will see a plus button which helps you to add the pattern designs new horizon. This game is currently available only in some countries.