Household Thermometers for Temperature Analyse

Web Thermometer

It is available with temperature probe, power adapter and free HWg-PDMS software. You can then use the values and save the data into excel file for analyzing. You can then set e-mail alerts when there spike in the data variations. This device can be connected to internet.

There are 12 message configuration options that can be assigned to each data variation. By correct monitoring and data analysis, you can get to know the each day changes in the temperature and other medical conditions and can easily know the situation and if need, can call for the medical help. This digital thermometer is also available in Amazon.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers

The KINSA QuickCare and Smart Ear Thermometers can be used to detect the temperature levels. The data can be sent to the Kinsa app for analyzing map and for future reference.

Kinsa smart ear which will read the temperature within a second. You can use the degrees F or C which can be seen from the backlit display. Quick care will take 8 seconds to read the temperature. It can be placed in oral, underarm or rectal for temperature reading.

By using Kinsa smart app, you can keep the history with you and decide to make the doctor appointment at the earliest. Very helpful for family where everyone’s data can be know from a single place.

Forehead Thermometer

iProven which is a dual function forehead thermometer that can be easily used to analyze the temperature levels. The temperature levels can be analyzed from head or the ear. Here is how to use the two different modes,

Head mode – Press and hold the head button on thermometer and release the button after swiping it to left to right or vise-versa.
Ear mode – Can be used on babies of 6 months and older. Insert the sensor into the ear canal and press ear button.

When it read the temperature, you can hear the beep sound notification. It is more accurate and readings can be seen in one second time.