Study different languages with Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning platform where we can study other languages without any cost. More than 300 million active users are using this education platform. They offer more than six languages for learning which includes English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. You can make use of Duolingo service through their mobile app or by using their website.

Duolingo have simple and enjoyable user interface to study the language. It is also possible to study more than one language at the same time. You can shift between your languages from the languages option. For each language you started learning, Duolingo will show you the progress of your learning level. The process level will be unique for each language. And the language progress will be resumed each time when you switch between the languages.

Duolingo Plus is a premium service provided by Duolingo for using their services without any advertisements. We can download and use offline lessons and assessments using this subscription package. If you are using Duolingo account on both your smartphone and personal computer, you can sync your data between them. This helps you to resume the learning level and access the offline files. You can subscribe Duolingo plus from shop option in their website.

The Duolingo Plus can be subscribed for $6.99 on monthly basis. You can also try Duolingo Plus service for 7 days without any cost. But if you don’t need the service, you need to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. Otherwise your paid subscription will start and your card will be charged.

Duolingo for Education

Duolingo offer their services to schools and other educational sectors. The Students can use this service for their education purposes and other learning habits. The parents and teachers can track their children’s learning habit through Duolingo. They can also block certain mature words to avoid them not to show on student’s lessons. This makes Duolingo safe and friendly for all ages.

Duolingo helps to take learning challenges with our friends and other people to make learning more fun and challenging. For this we need to invite our friends to join Duolingo by using invitation link we share. The friends who joined using the invitation link will shown in our leadership board. You can invite friends through mail or by connecting our Facebook account to search facebook friends.

The unique invitation link can be copied from our account. If you know the basics of any language, you can skip the basics and move on to the advanced level. For this you need to choose placement test instead of basic option while starting the new language.

Duolingo Club Program

Duolingo Club is a program introduced by Duolingo for connecting our account with friends and family. This helps us to study and interact with Duolingo by avoiding boring and keep us active on their platform. The connected Club members can help us to accomplish each level of language learning. We can also connect with other online language learners and improve our learning level. The Duolingo club option is only available in their mobile app.

If we need to join a club, we need to have an invitation link. We can get this code from our friend who already is a member of the club. When we create a club, we will receive a club code that can be shared with others which helps them to join our club. The members of a club is limited to 50 people.

Duolingo Certification Program

Duolingo English Test is a certification program provided for language learners. There is no worry of traveling to write the test because the test is done entirely online. You can even do the exam from our home. But we need a high speed internet connection and webcam to proceed with the exam. This online test will be around 45 minutes.

The program will check our reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in the selected language. The test also records our interview and writing samples of the exam. We will get the test results within 2 days and can download the Program certificate. The certificate provided by Duolingo is acceptable across different universities, institutions and higher secondary schools around the world.

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