Stream your Videos Smart using Plex

Plex is a streaming Server for your favorite videos and other files. You can access these files on any of your personal device. There will be a server running on your personal computer for syncing your files and you can view those files in another devices by installing the Plex app or using their website.

With Plex you can organize all of your videos, music, and photo collections. By using Plex, you will have instant access to your files on all of your devices. If you are connected both your devices in the same network, you can work with your files without any lag. But if you are remotely connected the devices, the speed of the streaming will depend on network speed of both devices and the Plex plan you have subscribed.

The Plex Media Server supports formats of movies, music and photos. Plex Pass subscription which offers cloud service where we can access our files remotely. In the remote access you can collect and stream videos from 150+ streaming sites.

Using Plex Web App, you can install channels which are extensions provided by third party for adding more functions to your plex interface. By using these extensions, you can add TV stations, News broadcasts, and Stream videos from your Vimeo or Youtube channels.

Running Plex Media Server

  • Download Plex Media Server from Plex website.
  • Install the Media Server.
  • After installation, open System tray.
  • Right click on Plex Media Server icon.
  • Click on Open Plex from the menu options.
  • Your default web browser will be opened.
  • From the browser, you can access Plex Web App interface.

You can login to your Plex account and select what all files you needed to access on the other device. From the menu options of Plex Media Server, you need to check whether “Start Plex Server at Login” is selected or not. If not selected, select it to enable Plex Media Server to run at the system login. Then only your files will be automatically Synchronized for remote access.

Another feature from Plex is Plex News which provides trusted News reports from around 190+ global publishers. You can adjust the video streaming quality according to your current Internet speed for higher quality streaming. You can adjust this from quality section in Plex App to reduce the data usage.

In Plex music, you can organize tracks, play-lists and your favorites files. All your musics from old classics to new music can be accessed from a single place. You can sort these music files by genre, artists or by albums. The Plex music also recommends similar musics of your taste and helps you to find latest musics trends.

More benefits with Plex Pass Subscription

The Plex Pass membership will add premium services to your account. For a Plex Pass subscriber, the lyrics of music will be download automatically and showed while the music is played. Plex Pass subscription can be purchased for $4.99USD/monthly, $39.99USD/yearly or $119.99USD for lifetime. The movies, shows, music, and photos in your computer can be Mobile Sync and can enjoy these files offline.

Plex Live TV which transfers Over-the-air broadcasts to TV channels which we can access from our device. We need to run Plex Web App to access the Media Server. The DVR functionality in Plex Pass can be used to record live TV and sync to the cloud. This help us to see our favorite program without worrying about it’s broadcast time.

The Parental control in Plex Pass allow parents to restrict the access of adult content to their children. We can create customized and managed user interface for other users in the Plex account. This avoids inappropriate and restricted contents and secure kids and other users.

Most of the Plex servers are connected through securely certified connections. You can check the security of your connection by verifying whether a green icon is shown next to the server name in Plex homepage. If that icon is not shown that means your connection to the server is not secured. In such cases, you need to contact Plex directly for protecting your data.

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