Find all the latest News happening in Australia

For net-savvy people like you, here, the developers are have developed a new app called – ‘Snewpit, ‘ which is an online platform via which you can access more relevant, factual, and instant news of the world as soon as the reporter uploads a piece of news. There is a community of worldwide reporters who reports the happening around them.

The central motif of this app is to provide instant access to the news. The news on this app is personal and relevant. The platform is good for the people who keep themselves updated with the latest news.

The app was designed with three core values providing Accessibility, Newsworthy, and Authenticity to the readers. It gives latest snewpit coronavirus news which are helpful for everyone to stay alert.

Accessibility – The uploaded news is accessible to every app user. You need not follow the person or subscribe to the channel to view the news.

Newsworthy – The news uploaded on Snewpit is relevant and essential and, in one or other ways, affects the people.

Authenticity – The app aims to cater quality and authentic information to the readers. It does not intend to spread rumors.

How to upload to Snewpit?

Any user can post on the app. The post on Snewpit is called as ‘Snewp.’ Each of the snewp requires the location, category, photo or video, and content describing what is happening or what it is about.

For this first, create an account on Snewpit and, after that, start sharing feed with the people around by uploading. Take note of your snewps as they are limited to the time frame of 90 seconds in length and three pieces of media in number.

With this app, you can discover snewps and what is happening around you by looking for local news. You can even be a news creator by posting trustworthy news and information. The app contains nine various categories, and these range from lifestyle, incidents, finance, weather, entertainment to sports, politics, technology, and business.

What Snewpit allows you?

• Discovering the latest news and current happenings in Australia.
• Local news and authentic
• Reporting news by themselves
• Rating the news
• Following the community and other users

Other features Snewpit App

Editing an uploaded snewp – After uploading the editing is allowed only for 30 minutes after that, you cannot do anything. Later, you can delete the post from the menu bar available in the top right corner of the app.

Notifications – You will get a notification about something that occurs within 5kms of your current spot to keep you updated on what’s going around. It will also get alert if you are a user and following some community.

Sharing on other platforms – Snewpit allows you to share the snewps on other platforms installed on your device such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You may likewise post your profile, which will help people find you and follow you.

Not only these, but Snewpit also allows you to change your username and email, hide your snewps, block another user, account deactivation, or delete, and it can even be accessed from your web browser. Visit the official website to enjoy the web version of Snewpit Australia.

How secure Snewpit App?

Snewpit is a very secure website, and one of our core concerns is consumer protection. We never record or log your position even though it is a location based service. The only details the app retains are the information that you add in your Snewps. Please read reviews of this app to know more about it.

Holus -bolus, Snewpit is the easiest way of creating, finding, and sharing the news. Join your hands with the best platform of news. Get the latest and bonafide news with just a few clicks!

In a nutshell, the app has made sharing fast; you just need to upload media, add some description, and share. The app is available to download for Android smartphones as well as iOS operators too. Get it today and share what’s on your mind!