Snapchat Tap on the Snap for Image Load

There are problems that the images or snaps that are not loading on Snapchat stories. This become a common issue and many are suffering to get load the snap.

The black screen which shows instead of snap become very bad experience for the snapchat customers. This black screen comes without any warnings.

Restarting the device is a solution for some people. If problem again persists you can clear the cache of snapchat by opening the app settings.

The tap to load comes for some people in a gray out screen. For them the tap on the snap will become a solution.

For people not seeing Tap to load option have to go to application store and check whether the current version is latest one. for The error free Snapchat update is waiting for many others. If you are having an older version, you need to update Snapchat for getting better experience.

Clearing the recent snaps is also a possible solution for the Snapchat loading screen.

The recent tweet from Snapchat is for people who are suffering this issue and they are up to solving this on their next update we hope.

The users of Samsung, LG, Nexus, Motorola, iPhone are reporting this issue and waiting for the solution. Removing old chats and other useless chit chat can be helpful for saving phone memory.