Sleep better using Calm Meditations

It is very important to have better sleep for a better life. But in today’s world most of people are not getting good sleep. From many studies and researches it is said that an average adult have to sleep between 7 to 8 hours for a better health. So how long do you Sleep? Did you sleep soon after you goes to bed? Do you having problems during your sleep? For all your questions, the perfect solution is “Calm Meditation App”.

One of the main problem for not having a good sleep is because of smart phone. Calm, which is a meditation app gives a smart solution for this problem through smart phone itself. Calm is a universal app and is not related to any religious practices. This refreshing app is developed for the betterment of life activity and improve daily life.

Through Meditation practice, we can being conscious and live in our present life. By daily practice, we can gain Mindfulness and it’s benefits. Mindfulness helps to achieve awareness towards our thoughts, feelings and sensations. This will help us to stay attend with our mind in any surroundings. The Guided Meditations in Calm will help us to reduce anxiety and lower our stress. Doing Calm activities daily can improve our mental strength along with our physical health.

Meditation Classes on Calm

Tamara Levitt is a spiritual practitioner who written all the Meditation guides on Calm. If you are starting your meditation for the first time, you can take the 7 day Calm class. This will teach you the basics of meditation. If you are already practicing meditations and knows the basic lessons, you can skip the basic level and move on to intermediate or advanced programs. These program lessons are done in 7 or 21 days length. So if you need better result, you must do the program daily without any fail.

The Calm experts will show how to do meditation and practice them. You can watch Meditation lessons through videos which will help you to take exercises along with the Calm instructor. You can take classes of any length from 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. This will save money by avoiding a personal trainer for your Meditation classes.

The music available in Calm will give a pleasant mood for meditation and for sleep also. It includes original compositions of many artists, nature sounds and variety of other musics. You can listen them when you are relaxing, during your Yoga sessions or even before your sleep. If you take their daily 10 minute special calm program, you will feel free and you mind will get more focus and concentration.

The breathing programs and exercises included in Calm will make you comfortable and make your mind relaxed. Another feature of Calm is Stories that can help you to sleep fast and promises a better morning next day. The Bedtime stories for kids are also available in Calm.

Extras provided by Calm

Calm is partnered with XpresSpa to provide extra services to their users. If you are a Calm user, you can visit XpresSpa to receive special offers for XpresSpa services. Calm App is also recommended by Mental experts and Doctors to their clients. As per many doctors experience, the clients who start using Calm on daily basis gets better than the clients who doesn’t use.

Calm also offer Health care practitioners to share contents of Calm with their clients. This helps psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and other healthcare practitioners to become more informative to their clients. You can maintain your health and body using Calm App on daily routine. The Daily Calm section in Calm app will bring new mindful themes and inspiring concepts on daily basics.

You can change English language to German or Spanish in Calm’s language settings. You can enjoy Calm freely. But a paid subscription of Calm will unlock all the content libraries provided by Calm. Every month a new Calm masterclass will be added in Calm premium account. You can purchase the Calm subscription plans through Google Play, Apple iTunes or from Calm website.

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