Get Cameo Experience with your Favorite Fans

Cameo, a video streaming Portal where celebrities and other people can connect with their fans through video sharing. This is the best personalized interface to enhance the experience of Fans and their favorite personal.

From Cameo App or Cameo website, you can search people or talent and get interacted. You need to pay for viewing the Cameo Video. The price will be varied to each person depending on the rate they are setting.

The Cameo Marketplace is where you can buy the featured talents or you can browse people from different categories. Cameo already having popular talents from Actors, Athletes, Musicians, TV Reality personals, You tubers etc.

If you are a Fan, you can sign up for Cameo right from their website or Silhouette Cameo App. If you are a popular person and want to connect with your fans, you can select the ENROLL AS TALENT option and register your profile. You will be asked to provide your social media handle and followers count to get featured on Cameo celebrity.

Silhouette Cameo App

If you book a Cameo video and if your request is not delivered, your payment will be revived on your original payment method. You can also cancel or update the ordered video before the Video stream complete. Whenever you request a video, the Talent must accept the request in order to continue.

There are two types of Video you can see at Cameo. One is Promotional and other is personal video. The promotional videos are provided for the promotion of product or a company while the personal cameo video which you can only used for personal use. There will be a watermark on the Video of a promotional cameo 3 video.

Instead of using other payments for each video purchase, it is possible to add Cameo credits which will be stored in the cameo wallet. For purchasing the Cameo credit, you needs to be a resident of United States and it is currently available only through Cameo 4 iOS mobile app. You can buy the Cameo credit in bundle of different prices and after you purchase a bundle, it is not possible for refund.

Other available videos from Cameo are spray bridge, mark mcgrath breakup, jeff the drunk and many more.