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SHAREit App for Android, PC and iOS

The Android platform let the development of numerous applications for a variety of purposes. SHAREit application is a freeware extensively utilized by 300 million users to transfer the files securely within a short period. SHAREit application operates on multiple platforms without Internet or Bluetooth connectivity.

SHAREit permits the users to transfer the data of any size regardless of the file type. The connection between the sender and receiver established based on the IP address of the device. Among two mobile phones, one device should initiate a Wi-Fi hotspot, and the other device connects through a hotspot. Following the connection, establishment files selected from the source device, and the receiver anticipates receiving records entirely from the source.

SHAREit transfers the information at the rate of 2 Mbps eliminating the usage of cables or data. This application makes use of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), where the files divided into small packets. These packets prefer the shortest route to reach the destination from the source. The TCP session packets hold a sequence number, and the packages are merged in the receiver to reconstruct the data intact.

Benefits of SHAREit App

SHAREit shares the files in a cross-platform environment within a few seconds. The transmission speed of the SHAREit seems higher than Bluetooth. SHAREit permits the user to connect to the personal computer. It also enables the user to edit and control PPT with the use of the mobile itself.

The pictures viewed in the SHAREit application in the high definition format. SHAREit possesses a utility app CLONEit that creates a replica of files, contacts, applications, and messages from old mobile to a new mobile device less than one second with few taps.

The ShareIt App comprises of the unique feature of supporting a sharing of files among a group of 5 devices. This feature enables the transmission of the data simultaneously to 5 members within seconds. SHAREit compatible with Windows 10 platform, and it supports languages such as Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, English, and Russian.

Connect and Transfer using ShareIt for PC

  1. File transmission between personal computer and mobile phones utilizing SHAREit
  2. Connect personal computer through local area network
  3. The mobile phone and a personal computer connected with the same Wi-Fi network. SHAREit PC software runs on both personal computers and mobile. Select attach to a personal computer then proceed scan to connect with the SHAREit app install on a mobile phone.
  4. QR code scanned displayed in the SHAREit app in windows and mobile phones connected automatically.
  5. Connect personal computer through hotspot
  6. On the personal computer discover the hotspot of mobile, and connect to it. The phone screen should remain awake else, the personal computer, might not detect a hotpot of the mobile devices.

Traverse to the main menu setting of the SHAREit app on the phone, and select Connect to the personal computer. Select the PC search mobile, which turns on the hotspot on the mobile. Search hotpot of mobile on the personal computer, then it automatically detects the mobile phone to connect. Assure the mobile screen remains awake does not reach timed out or locked mode as it might lead to failure in the connection establishment.

SHAREit Application Sharing

Open the SHAREit app on the phone and choose the files that should be shared. The SHAREit app supports files such as documents, music, and videos. SHAREit app does not fix any upper limit for the file size. After this process, click next, and the user encounters a radar screen that searches for the available networks.

The device ready for the connection displayed with the name and clicking the icon the SHAREit app sets up the association with the device. Select the send button, and within a few seconds, the files transmitted to the device. The receiving device should select the receive button to obtain the files transmitted.

Thus, SHAREit became popular among users due to its exceptional performance in file transmission demanded by the user at any time. The app offers unmatched speed, and it also serves as a backup storage device that preserves the information for future usage. SHAREit also supports the data transmission across multiple platforms consuming less duration of time. This feature enables SHAREit recognized among the other app undoubtedly.

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