Organize your Voters and Volunteers on Shadow Inc

Shadow Inc is said as the tech infrastructure to Democratic Party and is a big community. Their messaging service offers peer to peer engagement and get organize everything.

They offer mainly three services like Shadow Lightrail, Messaging and Lightrail plus Messaging. The Ligh trail is a universal adapter for political datas. This automation tool which creates the data in your organization to reach the right people. It can make workflows at any extent. You can easily get voters, volunteers, and donor data from this. The e-mail addresses and other data collected during events, contact forms etc can be sync to the voters file.

The Shadow Messaging is peer to peer email and text messaging platform where you can sent connect with your volunteers and mobilize the voters. The base plan for messaging is just $0.025 per message. These messages are offered in blocks. For one block it contains 1,000 messages which you can buy for $25. You can give your credit card for purchasing this and they will charge every month based on your usage.

More offers from Shadow Inc

The Organizations that can agree for 3 month minimum commitment will receive special discounts from Shadow inc. For biggest community of more than 250K message in monthly package, shadow gives 15% off on the total rate. This package is mainly for national campaigns and large organizations. If you are interested in join their team, you can sent your personal details in shadow contact form and they will contact you soon.

You can sign up for shadow account using your Google account. They also offers multiple instances in their account using a single login credentials. This is now saying as the iowa caucus app.

The Teams which are groups that helps to unite region, neighborhood team, department and target them by sending text messages or email. You can easily create a team from users section.

Shadow used as iowa caucus app

The SMS campaign can be created by adding contact list to Shadow. You can create a campaign by,

  1. Create campaign and select visibility from Public, Private and Team.
  2. Select the message template and include questions and canned responses .
  3. Select the contact list.
  4. Assign the user for the current campaign.
  5. Give a suitable name for the campaign.

After creating the campaign, it will be pending stage for removing the duplicate phone numbers. Once the campaign is ready, the status will be changed to Open status. You can then activate it to sent the messages to the campaign.