Sent Gifts using SwiftGift

SwiftGift is a online gift sharing network. The biggest attraction to this network is that the Sender doesn’t actually need to know the Recipient location to sent the gift. When you sent a gift to someone, the recipient will instantly receive the virtual gift and asks for the Address to sent the gift. We can use Swiftgift on special occasions or when we really don’t know the address of the Person whom we wish to sent the Gift.

You can also attach a personalized message along with the gift you are sending. The Gift item will not contains any bills or other invoices. The address given by the recipient will not be shared with the sender which gives maximum privacy for the recipient. Currently SwiftGift only operates in USA, UK and Europe. You can sent Gift items to these countries apart from your location.

SwiftGift have gift items from more than 1,400 top brands and retailers. They will take care of gift wrapping and pinning cards along with the gift. By giving the birthday reminders to Swiftgift, you will get notifications on birthday’s of your friends and family. They also recommend gifts for sending. Another advantage of SwiftGift is that the recipient need not to have account in SwiftGift in order to receive the Gift.

Apart from sending Gifts through Facebook messaging, you can also use Swiftgift directly to sent gifts. You will get a Magic link and you need to share it with the recipient. The Recipient must accept the gift within 7 days of Magic link generation. Otherwise the magic link will be expired and cannot accept gift.

Swiftgift Request on Facebook

  • Install SwiftGift from Appstore or Playstore.
  • Open SwiftGift and browse for the Gift.
  • Select the Gift you want to sent.
  • Purchase the Gift and you will receive the Magic Link.
  • Share this Magic Link as Facebook message to Recipient.
  • Recipient needs to open the Magic link and accept the Gift.
  • Recipient must also provide the Address for receiving the Gift.
  • Then the Gift from SwiftGift will be delivered to the Recipient.

You can share this magic link by mail, whatsApp, text message or through social media. You must only share this magic link with the person whom you are sending the gift. If you want to sent the gift to more than one person, you need to checkout the gift for each person. This will generate different Magic links. Each magic link can be shared with a unique person only.

More Features of SwiftGift App

SwiftGift offers a spin and win feature in their platform. You can do the free spin on every 24 hours. This will earn Gift Coins that can be used to checkout the Gift items. You can also set reminders to know when the next spin is available. SwiftGift App uses SSL cryptographic protocols to give best security to the data we share.

The recipient first receive the virtual gift and only when the recipient accepts the gift and provide delivery address, the physical Gift item will be delivered to the recipient address. For some products, Swiftgift offers same day delivery. But this requires fast acceptance of Gift item by the recipient.

The delivery of the Gift item is done by Retailer in SwiftGift. So the delivery time of Gift to the Recipient will depend upon the Retailer and the delivery location. The estimated delivery time and the details of each product can be seen from the respective product page. You can use your credit card, debit card or Apple Pay to checkout the Gift item. But the given card will be charged only when the recipient accept the Gift.

You can also checkout Gift from SwiftGift without an account. You can just give your e-mail for receiving the Magic link. But when you register the account with SwiftGift, you can easily checkout the Gifts and earn coins and bonuses provided by Swiftgift.

If you have any problems with your order, you can contact SwiftGift at support@swiftgift.me. You need to mention the order number and the problem to resolve the issue.

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