Seesaw Integrate Technology into the Curriculum

It comes as no surprise that when there is better communication established between the teacher, parents and the students, it fuels pupils’ improvements in academics, sports and overall behavior at school.

As we all know, most kids are reluctant about sharing what’s happening in school. They may fail to keep their parents posted, sometimes intentionally, sometimes they forget the itsy bitsy details, sometimes it could be the difficulty in communication.

The seesaw app is one of the popular learning tools that not just provides a powerful communication platform for the teachers’ students and the student’s family but also an excellent application that brings out the kid’s creative side, teaches them to use the technology for better and also make the learning process exciting and transparent.

The seesaw app allows the children to create a digital portfolio of their own and let them add new photos, videos, links, files, blogs, notes, lectures, drawings, record voice-overs, etc. Seesaw can be accessed on most gadgets like android tv, ios, kindle devices, Chromebooks and computers with chrome and firefox.

Seesaw for students

Kids don’t put in enough effort unless someone is watching them constantly. They can easily lose track in a crowded classroom or with busy parents. Seesaw helps students to create a multimedia journal and share their assignments effortlessly with parents, teachers, and peers.

There are a hundred ways students can use seesaw, some of which are,

  1. Documenting the students reading fluency and accuracy.
  2. Do easy Math work.
  3. Getting introduced to drawing tools and learning the right usage of devices.
  4. Sharing the work with peers and get feedback from the classroom.
  5. Record a science experiment and explain.
  6. Create a class blog.
  7. Empower kids to manage workflow independently and so on.

Seesaw for Parents

What can be better when you can see your child’s progress in real-time and see how their thought processes as you watch them learn. Seesaw comes with an amazing translation tool that helps the parents to understand in their mother tongue.

Parents can get connected to their child’s account with the link or code provided by their teacher and when something new is added the parent will be notified by email or a text message. They can like, comment and send feedback on the child or activities and also interact with the teachers. Up to 10 family members can stay in the loop.

It’s a major step towards creating awareness about your child so that you can help and encourage them beyond the classroom.

Seesaw for Teachers

A lot of people think that teaching is an easy job. But in reality, teaching comes with a lot of stress and even more responsibility in ensuring the class runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

It can be hard to keep up with daily tasks like preparing for lessons, making it more engaging, ensuring every student is on the same page, grading papers, documenting progress, maintaining a safe and orderly environment for learning and so on.

A digital app like Seesaw helps teachers to get the burden off their shoulders by organizing the school work, easily tracking student’s progress, encouraging their overall growth and learning development. Few of Seesaw simplified tasks for the teachers are,

  1. It allows personalized communication with parents.
  2. Choose from thousands of engaging activities from the app based on the class, subject, and keyword search activities.
  3. Organized and accessible documentation of students work.
  4. Easy to browse through the work of the entire class.
  5. Simplified grading and evaluation.
  6. Easy approval before sharing with parents. An optional auto-approval feature is available.
  7. Safe and secure platform. Teachers can decide who gets to access the student’s work.

How to install Seesaw App

  1. Create a teacher’s account.
  2. Create a class by choosing the grade or level.
  3. Make the students sign in with the QR code and connect them to the class from their devices.
  4. Import your class from google classroom to seesaw. Any new student in google classroom will be updated automatically to seesaw class.
  5. Introduce Seesaw to students and their parents.

As responsible parents and teachers, we may try to keep our kids off social media. But with changing times, there’s no denying that creating interesting and innovative digital content is one of the most sought after skills for the millennial jobs, starting from PowerPoint presentation, digital media, designing a product to content strategy for product marketing.

Seesaw provides a great head start with its multimedia tools, support from the teachers and parents that encourages the kids to have the professional competence to grab future opportunities.

During the major crisis like coronavirus outbreak that’s keeping the majority of the population locked down, virtual learning, remote teaching and continued interaction between students, teachers and the parents are made possible at the times of school closure. Stay home, stay safe and happy learning with the Seesaw App.