Samsung Dex

Samsung Mobile to a Personal Computer

Samsung Dex is an interface that provides desktop computing experience using our Samsung mobile phone. This service is currently available only for Galaxy S8/S8+, S9/S9+, Note 8, Note 9 and for newer Galaxy models. To use Dex mode, our device must be updated to Android Oreo or later version.

By connecting your Smartphone with Dex, you will get your Mobile screen on your TV or in Desktop monitor. Samsung Dex will replace our desktop and laptop with our Smartphone that have all the properties of larger computing device. By using Dex service, we don’t need to Sync our files on each device.

The basic and advanced productivity tasks in the workplace can be accomplished using different Apps available on Dex mode. You will get your favorite feature of Multi-tasking through this service. You can watch videos, do artwork, and view other documents on the larger display. You can also access your Samsung mobile at the same time without interfering the other screen activity. To use multi-screen, you need to activate dual mode from the Dex interface.

By enabling Dex service, our primary computing device will become our Android Smartphone. To empower the Dex service, we can use Dex Station provided by Samsung. It helps to connect keyboard, mouse, Ethernet etc with the secondary screen.

Samsung Dex Station

Samsung Dex Station is the device that helps to connect our Samsung smartphone with the secondary display. You need to start dock mode in order to use the Dex functionality. The ports available for this device are Ethernet, HDMI, USB Type C and USB 2.0. It is having a Built-in cooler fan which prevents smartphone from heating. By connecting smartphone with the station, phone’s battery will also be charged.

Multiple windows, Drag and drop, right click and many other services we love in our personal computer can be used using Dex Mode. You can also connect your Bluetooth Keyboard or mouse with the Dex Station. This Dex Station only weights 230g and is easy to carry.

If you are using any phone cases, you cannot hold your smartphone inside the Dex Station. So you need to remove the protection cover from the smartphone in order to hod the smartphone. If you need to connect any external speakers or other input device with Dex station, you can only connect it by using Bluetooth connectivity.

How to use Samsung Dex Station

  • Connect Dex Station with external Screen.
  • Connect the keyboard and mouse.
  • Link Dex Station and your Samsung Smartphone.
  • Activate Dex mode on your Smartphone.
  • Your Smartphone can now use like a Computer.

There are free Samsung Dex Apps available from Samsung website. The Apps like Windows office, Adobe softwares, Anti-virus etc needs to be purchased extra for using on the Dex Station. Graphic designing and other high end production need bigger screen for getting better result. Through Dex we will get this service without need of any other devices.

Samsung Dex Pad

Samsung Dex Pad helps to make our Smartphone screen to a Touch Pad. It can also used as an alternative to Dex Station. This Dex Pad have properties of Dex Station including mobile charging, Built-in cooling fan etc. It is also light weight of just 135.4g. The Dex Pad does not include Ethernet port.

You can easily navigate through windows by using this Pad. The functions of Dex Pad are different from Dex station. You can adjust the Cursor speed and Reaction time of your Dex Pad from the menu option.

By connecting S Pen with the station, you can write and draw on your workshop just like you write and draw on a paper. Dex offer Windows Apps and gaming support to their users. Advanced Biometric Security and Samsung Knox gives maximum security to Dex Interface. Mobile computing have become stronger through Samsung Dex Station.

In Companies, Dex Station will helps to avoid dedicated personal computers to each employee with the Smartphone of the employee itself. This help employees to access their job files or work data with their office account even if they are outside the office.

By using Samsung Knox, the company can manage device given to employee and enable security protocols to give security for the company files. The Dex Station ensures greater productivity and makes work environment much more easier.

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