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Roku TV Control with Roku App Remote

Have you ever thought of watching TV without cable? If you would love to do this, then you need to know about Roku. It is a streaming media player. Roku helps you to watch free as well as paid video content on your Television set using the Internet. This is not so difficult as you think. You will have to download Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other TV and movie streaming services onto your Roku devices.

A Roku device is a small square-shaped device. You can watch your favourite TV shows and movies on your television if you have a Roku device at home. It receives data through a wired or Wi-Fi connection from an Internet router.

Roku was launched in 2008. Back then, Netflix was the only streaming service available. Today, apart from a very little content, all the rest can be viewed on your television sets through Roku. There are seven streaming devices from Roku, among which five are set-top streaming devices and two Roku Sticks. Two of the Roku devices supports HDR video on HDR-compatible TVs. The TCL comes with TCL roku tv built along with their 4K Series.

Roku Streaming TV Benefits

  • Roku players are very affordable. The LT model of Roku is the cheapest of all the internet TV devices. You can get one for about $49 and still be able to get access to all the TV channels. It also supports 720p HDTV.
  • Roku supports more than 600 Internet channels like Netflix, YouTube, etc. You can choose the TV channel according to your taste and watch the shows.
  • You get to put up your own private channels too. When you aren’t satisfied with the public networks, you can stream your favourite private channel to watch what you love.
  • It is very easy to use a Roku box. Just plugin, connect to your network, login to your channels and start watching. Anyone can handle it very easily. Once connected, it is very easy to navigate through your favourite channels.
  • The search function in Roku is the best. It is very easy to search your favourite TV shows and movies using this search function.

Roku uses an HDMI cable to plug into your TV. As mentioned earlier, it uses a wired or wireless connection to connect to the internet and your home network. The theory is very simple, Roku downloads videos from the internet which you then watch through your TV. You will have to load apps or channels onto your Roku device to get various movies and Roku TV shows. The Roku Ultra gives 4K and HDR video streams from other Video broadcasters.

Roku Express Streaming Media Player

You can turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV using the Roku Express which is a streaming device from Roku. This is the least expensive streaming device for those people who would love to watch their favourite shows via internet without spending a lot of money. It can give you almost all features that other devices in the Roku family provides. The problem is that you may find it slow in responding to your commands and displaying menu.

The Roku express cannot give you videos in high quality like other Roku devices. You can connect the Roku Express to your TV via HDMI cable. You can attach it to the back or bottom of your TV, which saves a lot of space.

Roku Remote App for your Smartphone

For those who are checking for an alternate to the Roku remote control, there is the Roku mobile app. This app contains most of the functions of the Roku remote plus some added functions. One thing to keep in mind is that the Roku app can control only Roku devices. The Roku mobile app has an onscreen touchpad which is the exact copy of the Direction Keypad on the Roku devices. The app has a What’s On icon which gives you information on the selection of free, trending, and popular TV shows and movies.

Roku App gives you the option to either text or voice search to find your favourite show. You can also use your voice to navigate the home page, launch channels or a specific movie or TV show on selected apps. You can use your smartphones earphones to listen privately to your Roku channels using the Roku mobile app. Make use of the Play On Roku feature to share music, photos, and video stored on your smartphone with your Roku device or TV.

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