Get to know Real and Fake Apps or Websites

The Coronavirus app is a website that claims to show the real time updates of corona virus places. But now the website is virus affected.

When we open the website and coronavirus app, the Avast antivirus is blocking the website as it is sending virus to the visitor. So they are blocking the website by showing an alert notification.

On behalf of COVID-19 pandemic, there are many sites offering different services of covid 19 tracker, virus outrage map in website and in app forms.

Users need to avoid these sites which are not from authorized developers and other government agencies. So be alert to these sites and apps available in playstore and appstore or other website offering similar services.

The best way to find genuine or services which we can use is to look for the reviews and other searching on the provider to see the app or website is good or bad.

I recommend to check these things to avoid the problems of using and accessing the sites which will be privacy issue on your data and other important files.

World Meter Coronavirus

This site gives information of Coronavirus from all over the world. They claim that they are having accurate data from data centers of verified sources. The site counters shows the difference of reported cases and other data around the world.

You can see the historical data, and informations using this website. There are also news reports that are updated hourly and daily just below the chart given.

They provide the source of each information to see the accuracy of the information. The corona virus map information can be easily derived from covid 19 tracker app.

The recovered cases can also seen from this website. They only provide the content collected from different sources which are estimates. Other realtime updates are also available on this website.