Activate RCS Messaging using Activity Launcher

RCS is Rich Communication Service introduced by Google to make messaging service more user friendly. The RCS is integrated with Messaging App to share text messages, Images, Videos, Audio files, Emojies etc.

The RCS Messaging App is available in Google playstore named Messages from Google LLC. It gives rich experience of chatting and we can see all the messages of a contact at the same place.

Unlike earlier Messaging App, this version will give more engagement to users will love to use this Service. It is similar to WhatsApp and other Chatting applications. RCS Android is only a beta version and we can sure expect more.

The Textra SMS app which is an alternative to the new RCS messaging app. It is similar to Messaging app and is highly customizable. It have many themes and other messaging elements.

Enable RCS using Activity Launcher App

To enable RCS messaging, you needs to open the Activity launcher App and manually configure the RCS protocol settings.

  1. Install or Update Google Messaging App.
  2. Install Activity Launcher App.
  3. Select All Activities from Activity Launcher.
  4. Tap on Messages Activity and select Set RCS Flags.
  5. Select ACS url option as
  6. Select OTP option as Your\sMessenger\sverification\scode\sis\sG-(\d{6}).
  7. Apply the changes and restart your Smartphone.
  8. Open Messaging App and click on Upgrade option.

Your Messaging App will now upgraded and you can start using the RCS Messaging Android on your mobile. The RCS service will be working through the Internet and needs Wifi connection or mobile data for sending and receiving the RCS messages.

RCS Messaging Android Features

The smart reply option in RCS messaging will help to sent instant replies to the other user without amking them wait and we only need not to open the messaging app. This is fast and very easy to use for the users. We communication will become faster and the appearance will make it much more attractive.

We can attached files or other documents from our storage right from the chat window. If you need to sent instant video or image, you can select it from the chat options and it will automatically opens the camera for taking the image or video. We can then sent the file directly from the chat window instantly.

If you are unsure whether the RCS feature is enabled on your Messaging, you can open Messages Settings and tap on Chat features to see the status of RCS Chat. If you are having any problems with sending messaging and making voice calls, you can always go back to Activity launcher to reset the changes made at RCS Flags. This latest feature will give more attractions to carrier messages and other provides who market their service through text messages.

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