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Modanisa is an Turkish online shopping fashion website for Islamic womens clothings and other wearing materials. We can shop wide varieties of fashion items from this website. Modanisa have higher quality brands and items of abayas, tunics, caftans, modest dresses, coats, jackets, outerwear pieces and many other items.

Modanisa operates in more than 120 countries around the world. You can visit their website homepage for checking the availability of Modanisa delivery in your country. The shipping charge will be varied based on your country and the quantity of the items you are planning to purchase. You can see the shipping charge for the order at the check out page.

Modanisa offers clothing from more than 300 brands. It is the Turkey’s first online shopping website with world wide coverage. is available in 5 Languages which are Arabic, English, French, German and Turkish. You can easily change the language settings from the homepage navigation menu. Modanisa website and their mobile app is completely safe with SSL security certification. The delivery of item will be depend upon the purchased product, country and the seller. There are also some cities of selected countries where Modanisa offers delivery within 24 hours. For every items, the estimated delivery cost and time can be seen from the order page.

Ordering Item from Modanisa

Each item you wish to purchase can be added to Modanisa basket. The items added to the basket can be purchased until the stock lasts. If all the items are added in the basket, you can continue for checkout. You can add the delivery address and payment method on the final checkout page. After the successful payment, you will receive the order confirmation mail.

You can also make use of guest checkout which helps you to purchase the items from Modanisa without an account registration. But you need to provide your e-mail address and contact number for making the purchase. You will receive an e-mail after the successful ordering of the item. The purchased item will have an order id which will be sent to your mail address. You can use “where is my order” option in their website or mobile app and give the order id for getting the order tracking details.

It is better to order items from a registered Modanisa account. Because the registered members will receive special promotional offers on product purchase and deals for upcoming purchases. Modanisa have clothings for womens of all ages. For every purchases on Modanisa, there will a free Modanisa Magazine along with the ordered item. This magazine will provide us with the updates on latest fashion trends and other styles in Hijabs and Modest clothings. Modanisa also operates two offline stores in Turkey. You can also order the items online and collect the order from Modanisa offline stores.

Modanisa Invitation Program

Modanisa offers an Invitation scheme were we can invite our friends and family to Modanisa. When our friend register Modanisa account using our invitation link, our friend will receive a 20% discount coupon for his/her first purchase. We will also get 20% discount coupon for our next purchase. After our friend’s purchase, our discount coupon will be sent to our e-mail address. There is also no limit for invitations and discount we can avail from Modanisa.

Modanisa also offers to apply coupons during checkout time and the discounted amount will be reflected in the final payable amount. The coupon can be applied for every items in the bucket. But only one coupon can be applied for a single Purchase.

Modanisa accepts payment methods including Debit card, Credit card and Paypal. They do not provide option for Cash on Delivery. The Free Return Policy of Modanisa helps customers to easily return the items which are unsatisfied or order with any problems. We can return an item within 15 days from the delivery date. The return of the item can be done by calling their customer service number or by sending message on their e-mail address. We can also ask other questions regarding our order on customer support.

Modanisa Customer Service : / +97142789933

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