Pokemon Home, a New Place for Pokemon Gathering

Pokemon can gather in a single place, this new place is called Pokemon home. By connecting your Nintendo accounts in your switch and mobile, you can access the same pokemon boxes. You can trade and move pokemon with other games using Pokemon home. It will be release in February and start using their cloud service.

For using this service, both your Nintendo Switch and the mobile device must be connected to Pokemon Bank. Currently you cannot connect Pokemon Go with this Bank. It is a 3DS software version. Pokemon Games,

  • Pokemon Global Link
  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Comic Eclipse
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush

There are four ways you can trade the Pokemon using Home. First one is, Wonder Box where you can trade the pokemon when ever you are not playing. When you do this the pokemon will be shared with other people around the world. It is possible to increase the number of pokemon to trade if your account is in paid plan.

Second way is GTS. It is actually exchanging the pokemon. You can set the pokemon to exchanged and in return you can ask which ever pokemon you need. When you do this, it will be given to where your requirement meets and the exchange will be done. The Room Trade, helps to create rooms and the pokemon can be traded between 20 people inside the group. IT is not possible to get a required pokemon in this trade as the returning pokemon cannot be know before the trade.

The Friend Trade can be used by people who age is above 16. You can add friends to your home and exchange pokemon between these friends. You need to add friends to your friends list in order to do the exchanges.

The mystery gifts in Home will help you to get surprise Pokemon home Sword and Shield. If you receive a gift, it will be moved to the Box. If you are receiving a code, it can be redeemed by entering it in the mystery gift option in the game. The Fans of Pokemon are waiting for its app and it to be released. The price for 12 months subscription will be $15.99.

In the Basic plan, Pokemon cannot be moved to Pokemon Bank. You need to upgrade your plan to premium to move and you can do the upgrade at any time. Also you can participate in Room trade in Basic while Premium plan offers to host a Room trade by yourself. The Pokemon discussion Reddit can be read for people who are planning to upgrade their account.