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Pandora is a radio service network which provides music streaming and recommendations. It gives a special music experience and update latest music to database very frequent. It is also known as Pandora media and Pandora Internet radio. This service is only available in United States. You can search for your favorite artist, song, or by genre in Pandora. You can also create your own station according to your taste. You will also see music recommendations on Pandora based on your activity.

Pandora is powerful music discovery platform where artists can find their audience and fans. This single platform helps Artists and fans to connect each other. Pandora aims to create inspirations by providing music. The music you played will be saved in the recent history. You can group or organize your favorite songs and listen them at any time. The Pandora service can be used either through web browser or using Pandora mobile app.

If you want to explore Pandora, you can just search for music and click on play to start listening. Tap the plus button to add the current music to a collection. You can give Thumbs Up for songs you like and Pandora will bring similar songs to your station. Also thumbs down will avoid similar music from the recommendations. If lyrics are available for the song, then the lyrics will be displayed below the Album art.

Pandora Modes which help users to pick music from wide variety areas. These modes are available for Pandora free and paid users. Below is the six listening modes of Pandora station,

  1. My Station – Classic Pandora station contains original music.
  2. Crowd favorites – Songs with highest Thumps up.
  3. Deep cuts – Unpopular Artist music and playlist.
  4. Discovery – Contains songs of other Artists.
  5. Newly released – Latest Trending music and tracks.
  6. Artist – Station based music of a particular Artist.

You can use any of these modes for finding best music available for you. Pandora introduces Music Genome Project to give best experience to their users. There will be trained musicologists to listen music and then they study and collect data of each track. There are 450 musical attributes for Pandora. This helps Pandora to give music recommendations which possess similar musical traits of user.

Pandora listeners on iOS devices can create custom voice commands to get the content using Siri. Once a Siri shortcut is recorded, you can launch the selected content to the Pandora App. Currently Siri responds to the recorded commands only. You can add Siri shortcuts to navigate Pandora easily. The Pandora Podcast gives personalized recommendations that helps to find rare songs and gives a new taste to your music.

Pandora helps to share our favorite music to our friends. If you have twitter or facebook, you can directly share your music with a helpful note. The community in Pandora is really huge and you can find people who likes a particular song and interact with them for getting more similar songs. You can see other people’s recent playlist, favorites and followed artists.

Pandora Paid Subscriptions

Pandora is a freemium service where other third party advertisements will be shown. The paid subscribers can avoid these advertisements and have extra features like high streaming quality, music download option and access to offline channels. By using offline mode, subscribers can listen music without Wifi or Internet connection. Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium are the Pandora paid subscriptions.

Pandora Plus subscription starts at $4.99 per month. It gives ad free experience and better quality audio. You can create offline stations upto four to listen music without network. You can also get the option to skip and replay the songs.

Pandora Premium gives unlimited stations for offline listening. You can create your own playlist and add your favorite songs to it. The ad free experience and higher audio quality is also included in this plan. In Pandora Premium, you we can create shortcuts for launching played stations, playlists, albums and songs.

You can add parental controls to your playlist. The family option helps to share your paid subscription with your family. Pandora offers free trials for paid subscriptions. The trial period will be 90 days and the payment method given at the time of registration will be charged after the expiry of trial period. It is also possible to unlock Pandora premium content by watching advertisements before track play.

Pandora for Business

Pandora Internet Radio can be used for your business. The Pandora can be used only for personal use. You will get full license for song usage and can provide it your customers. This is powered by Mood Media and is best music solution for your customers. Using this service, Pandora stations can be personalized for each location. The content filter helps to give personalized contents for the customers. This Business plan offers unlimited listening hours without third party ads.

This is an affordable music player and support Artists for their great music. The Pandora Business plan have no specific contract or limitations. This plan can can be subscribed monthly with $26.95. You can also give automatic billing for your account. If you are not satisfied with Pandora Business, you can request for refund. The cancellation must be done before 30 days of account activation in order to receive the full refund of subscription charge.

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