Play, Learn and Grow with Kahoot

Kahoot is an educational technology used by schools and other educational institutions for teaching purpose. Kahoots games are quiz type questions along with their answers. It consists of learning quizzes and other interactive elements for teaching.

The lessons created using Kahoot can bring fun and can avoid boring in students. It also contains surveys, jumbles, discussions and challenges. This learning platform have multiple quizzes in it’s directory and allow users to add their own questioners and interactive games. The Kahoot can be accessed via web browser or through mobile app.

Kahoot Games for Schools

Kahoot is like a social media as it’s learners are grouped in a projector or a computer screen for mutual interaction. We can create the Kahoots from anywhere at anytime. Kahoot games can be learned very easily. It is used among students, teachers, fans of Kahoot and many others. By using Kahoot, we can create games in shorter time. It helps to improve the creativity and memory power.

The major use of Kahoot are in School projects and Assignments. The teacher can give different interactive projects to their students. Students can do these assessments easily and complete the project without need of teacher help and reference. For students, they can play Kahoot games with each other and can improve their knowledge. They can also use Kahoot for hosting their own games and publish it to other Kahoot lovers. For a kahoot quiz, it contains a series of questions and four multiple choice answers in each question. Kahoot’s main advantage is that even participants from different locations can actively communicate and perform the challenges.

Kahoot challenges are used by teachers for giving home works for their students. These simple and interactive assessments can help students to spend more time and give interest for their homeworks. These homeworks will be automatically corrected by Kahoot and the result will be sent to both teacher and student. This help teachers to save their time without checking each students homework for corrections. By informing the students about mistakes and corrections, the students can get better understanding of their study.

Kahoot and track each student’s learning level at each session and aware the teachers about their students educational habit. Kahoot can also played by a single player and can answer the challenges. Students can interact with Kahoot teachers to improve their working skill. Organizing games in folders helps to find favorite Kahoot games very easily. In school’s we can organize these folders at the team space were teachers can also access it. Kahoot really help students to get trained by engaging them with their learning platform.

Kahoot Subscription on Large Scale

Kahoot gives premium services for businesses to solve problems in their workspace. We can unlock features like detailed report on the assessments, team collaborated works by upgrading basic Kahoot to Kahoot Plus, Kahoot Pro or Kahoot Premium. In Kahoot Plus, we will get internal Training sessions and Presentations. And in Kahoot Pro apart from Kahoot Plus services, we will get access to more games and will have promotions to our products.

The business firms can use Kahoot for training their staffs and improve activities in work location. Sales training, Product training, Customer service training, Policy training, Remote training,Retail training etc can be easily done through Kahoot platform. They can create detailed reports of employee performance and measure their work capability in different areas. This advanced data helps to make working insight for creating employee training in next level.

Kahoot plans can be purchased for monthly or yearly. The basic plan is free but can only used for non commercial purposes. The Pro and Premium plans can use huge library of images for Kahoot games. From these plans, only Kahoot Plus can be free trialed for 14 days. The Premium plan can be used for creating large scale games.

Kahoot offers Certificate Program for their students. This Program gives overview on knowledge in Kahoot learning. We can study more about Kahoot and it’s back end process through this program. By signing up to this Diploma Program, we will get digital badges and can claim learning credits from Kahoot.

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