Broadcast Live Video over Periscope

Periscope is a live video streaming service. This service is available in iOS, Android, and through Periscope website. You can publicly share your live videos in a simple and more convenient way directly from your Smart phone. Periscope is managed by Twitter and is available on 38 worldwide languages.

The Live video you share will broad casted to other viewers of Periscope. The viewers can share their comments and sent hearts to your live video. These hearts are different colored heart icons to give love for live streaming videos.

You can also make your live stream video viewable only to a group of people instead of Public broadcast. You can set any display name to your account. If someone takes screen shot of your live broadcast, you can see a floating camera icon on your screen.

How to broadcast on Periscope

  • Create Periscope account.
  • Open Periscope App, Login to your account.
  • Click on Camera or Broadcast icon.
  • Enter your live video title.
  • Give Hash tags for your stream.
  • Select the audience from Public or Private.
  • Tap on Go Live Button.
  • Your live video will now broad casted.

If you do not want others to sent discussion or chat on your live video, you can disallow it by clicking chat icon. There is another feature called Sketch that helps to draw over our live broadcast. You can highlight or draw certain elements using Sketch. These Sketches will be visible only for few seconds.

While creating the broadcast, give relevant hash tags which will help others to find broadcasts based on their interests. This will make your live video more discoverable and relevant to others. You can see all the stats of your broadcast from Analytics overview.

Features on Periscope Broadcast

While broadcast, you can share your live location. If you are connected Periscope with your Twitter account, you can tweet your live video on your Twitter account. The Timestamps will help to share and comment on exact time of the broad casted video. The viewers will be forwarded to a particular video time frame on clicking the time stamp.

If you and your friend is following each other, both of you can chat and do private broadcasts with each other. You will receive push notifications on important updates of your Periscope activity. It will also sent notifications for activities done on our followed friends broadcasts.

You can follow other users to see their live videos. You can see all your activities of broadcast, members you are following, messages from other users from the Periscope Watch Tab. There will be also featured broadcasts which are categorized based on different topics. You can hide this featured broadcasts from the settings menu. The broadcasts will be automatically expired after 24 hours. This can be changed to no expiration from the broadcast settings.

From the People Tab, you can search for other accounts, peoples by using their username. You can add each user by following their account. You can also add popular people or accounts from Trending list. There will be a Blue verification badge for verified individuals and brands.

You can connect your address book with Periscope to check whether your friends are having account in Periscope. You need to add each people to follow on their Periscope account. You can also see people connected to your Twitter account but needs to individually follow each user. If your twitter account is already verified, the verification badge will be shown on your Periscope profile.

Broadcast to Periscope Groups Members

Groups in Periscope is created to broadcast your live videos to selected people privately. You can create group for sharing video to a group of people, friends, family, or the community members.

From your profile, click on groups to see the groups you are already joined. Tap on the plus button to create your own group. You can then add the followers to your new group. If you need to broadcast to a group, select that group and Tap on Broadcast. You can also add members to your group by sending invitation.

The top viewers of our account will be named as Super fans. The super fans are limited to 10 members. This is calculated by overall member’s engagement on your broadcast. This will help you to know the relationship between your broadcast viewer’s and your live videos.

Periscope VIP Program

This program is designed for broadcasters who need more reach and popularity on their live videos. By joining this program, your broadcasts will get more viewers and priority over other basic accounts. You can engage with other broadcasters with same interest as yours and help you to make better broadcast experience.

You will need average 200+ live viewers to join the lower level VIP program. There are other levels for VIP programs according to your viewers count. As your viewers counts increases so is the your VIP program level!

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