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Book your Cabs using Ola Cabs

Ola is an online cab booking platform which helps to book a cab in an easiest and fastest way. It operates in more than 100 cities in India. The Ola cab service is available 24/7 to help their travelers. They operate wide range of cars including Sedans and SUVs to Luxury cars. You can choose your favorite car and see the travel fares at the booking time.

Ola verifies and trains every cab drivers who partnered with them. This gives customer higher security on their cab drive. All the Ola cabs are equipped with GPS system. This helps Ola to track the cab ride and help customer to get clear navigation on the car movement. There is also alert button available for customers to avail Ola’s emergency help.

Ola give more importance to their customers for best experience on every ride. The full time available customer service is always ready to serve customer queries. While booking, you can see the estimated reaching time and available cabs near to you in a map.

The lowest rate of a cab ride using Ola is 6 Rupees per Kilometer. This rate will be varied according to the city selected. The customers are offered with free WiFi during their ride. This help customers to use Internet without worrying of Network signal. The Ola Play service is also introduced to give better travel experience. Through Ola Play, the customer can listen Music and watch Movies, Shows, News and other Videos.

Shared Ride using Ola Share

Ola Share is introduced to share cabs and travel on cheaper rates. This service works by using social circles. When using this service, the travel companion may be someone we already know. This is because our social network details are taken for choosing the travel mate. This may include our friends, friends of friends and other people we may interacted through our social media.

The travelers can also choose to travel with strangers by avoiding the travel companion recommendations. Ola Share is very helpful in fare reduction and saves planet from extra pollution by replacing two cab rides with a single cab ride. If you are using Ola share, the maximum seats you can book is limited to two. This service is also having certain conditions including on-time pickup, manners to be keep inside the car etc to avoid irritations to the Co-riders.

We don’t actually need an Ola account to book a cab ride. We can just give our location for pickup and payment details to book a cab ride. For a registered Ola user, they will keep track of customer previous rides and give special discount offers. Ola provide good customer satisfaction by providing better service and good customer relation. As per their terms, On failing of their service, they will give us alternate solution or provide full refund amount. This includes in cases like late coming of cab and non availability of cab after booking.

Cab booking through Ola

There are cases that Ola make extra charges on cab rides. This happens on peak times where more bookings are coming from a single place or when shortage of Ola cab riders are rising. This cost will be added to standard charge and shown in the Payment page. This extra surcharge charged by Ola will be given to the cab drivers as incentives.

The Ola will not charge for the cancellation if you cancel the cab within 5 minutes of booking. But for the Ola cab share booing, you will be charged for cancellation after 2 minutes of cab allocation. If any cancellation fee are applicable, that fee will be added to your next cab booking.

In selected cities, Ola offers Outstation trips to their customers. The cab riders will be having city permit for riding out of station. Apart from standard intra city travel rate, the customer need to pay for travel cost and returning cost. But the special rate given for outstation will cost only a fare rate. There will be different charges for night and daytime for outstation trips. The customer can book their ride before two hours of travel. And the travel days can be 10 days from the travel date.

You can use Payment options including Cash or Online payment using Ola Money, UPI, Credit card, Debit card etc for the cab ride. The Advance booking service offered by Ola helps to book the cab for future rides. You can select Ride Later option for advance booking. This service can also avail the above payment options and is available in selected cities.

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