Moving Picture App for Video like Pictures

The latest trending image everyone sharing is Moving pictures where any portion of the image gets moving or changing. It is like gif image but more animated and seems more real than any other image formats. It is called Cinemagraph which gives great visual experience.

There are many apps available on Android and for Apple devices to create moving images. Cinemagraph and it’s pro version can be used to capture live images and saves it with it’s real experience. They offer full HD Gif image of the capture for better quality. You can use this just like your camera and same settings as you take videos. You can also use filters while capture and use other painting tools to make it more fun. These tools can also used for creating informative videos where you can write useful information on the go with moving picture.

There are other options to increase or decrease the picture frames rate for making it fast or slow movements or motion. If you need more focus on a particular area, you can just touch that area for getting focus and make it more clear. After capturing, you can see all the images on your gallery itself. The Cinemagraph Pro gives more professionalism for the image. There are also other additional filters and more options in this. You can upload your creative moving pictures to their gallery to get it featured and can seen by other people all around the world.

The Magisto is also a similar moving picture app for video editing and to create slideshows. It can be used for personal or for business use because of it’s quality and professional feels after capture through it. There are different styles which are templates available on this for making videos on a format. Adding image from phone storage or from cloud storage is also done from Magisto. Image stabilization, focusing particular area of a frame, auto crop are the special features of this application. This can be used for training and for video campaigns or for commercials. If you purchase an active subscription of this, it provides free access to Vimeo Pro which helps you to showcase the videos and embed them on your website. You can see the engagement of this video and go for marketing decisions.

Moving Frames even in 360

Loopsie is also good to create living images. You can create image loops to make it video like effect and by using their notch stabilization algorithm, you can change the motions to stills you love. It is very simple to use and gives option to take selfies with it.

Fyuse is where you can create 3d picture from your smartphone. you can capture a frame and see it from different angles by this 3d app. It is developed by Fyusion with advanced visual technologies. It uses the sensors in our device to make best from the capture. The 360 degree view can be captured using this and you need to take the frame every sides to get it done. You can share this image to Facebook and it will show the 360 degree on their platform.

There are also other Moving Picture App available online which you can download and install on your device to create moving picture frames and make stunning Images.