Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

MovieBox is a gift for movie lovers, be it android or iOS users. It is an online video streaming app that allows you to see movies and your favorite TV shows online for free. It is not only available for android and iOS, it can be used on TV and PCs too. You can watch movies according to your taste.

Different genres of movies like adventure, Sci-Fi, action, romance, animation, family, sport, mystery, comedy, Drama, Show Box, music, western movies etc., are available in MovieBox. The ratings and release date of the movies are also given in the app. Movies in more than 15 languages is available in Moviebox.

Peculiar Features of MovieBox

Being such a popular app, it has a very easy to use user interface. You don’t have to be confused about the way to use the app. Even a first time user can easily get familiar with the app within seconds. You can easily navigate through the app to find your favorite contents. You won’t have to wait long to watch your favorite movies or shows. It also has a search option to easily find the content you are searching for. It also gives suggestions of the popular movies in your home screen.

Video quality from 380p to 1080p is available in MovieBox. Don’t worry about your network issues, you can adjust the quality according to your network so that you don’t get frustrated with buffering. Enjoying high quality videos is no longer a dream for you. You get the high quality movies in your

MovieBox allows you to directly download content from torrents. You just have to join your Debricate account for this. You can use MovieBox Pro which provides a background playback option. This option can be made use of play the songs and other videos while you are using other applications. Thus you can add some entertainment every time with the help of MovieBox.

Another important feature of MovieBox is that you do not need any in-app purchase or registration process for using this app. What you need to do is just download the app and start enjoying your favorite movies and shows. It is quite different from the other movie streaming apps that empties your pocket to watch your favorite movie. The app takes only about 100mb, which proves that it consumes very less space. Thus your device will have enough space for other applications too.

Moviebox uses P2P torrents to provide the movies and TV shows you love. MovieBox is highly unique. Sometimes you might find it hard to find the download and installation of the app. You won’t get the files easily on the websites you search them for. The reason for this is that MovieBox is filled with humpty number of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. So the app is in high demand. The app has millions of users all around the world.

How Moviebox works

The working of the app is very simple. It searches for all the available streams online and then tests the links that are available. If one link does not go right, it goes for the next. What the users get is only the end result. Thus the user does not have to spend hours searching for a stream of the movie they would love to watch.

Now you have got it why I mentioned MovieBox as a blessing. If you do not want to spend so much money but still want to watch your favorite movies. MovieBox is a great option. Try it and enjoy wonderful movies for free.