Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser with Edge Addons

The Microsoft have finally introduced Chromium based browser. The Edge browser will now run on chromium project and will be a big competitor to Google’s chromium based Chrome browser. Edge browser is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft Edge browser can be used in Organizations for Business or for Personal use. They introduced Microsoft Defender SmartScreen which protects the user from browsing website’s security issues. By using Edge browse, we don’t need to worry about the confidential business or personal data. The Edge stable version is now available to download. The old EdgeHTML browser engine browsers will be updated to latest Chromium based Edge browser.

Features of Microsoft Edge Browser

Search from Windows 10 Taskbar

For windows users, it will now easy to browse and make everything at a single place. They can make their searches from the Taskbar and go to the default Edge browser. The Cortana will also make the searches more funnier and get virtual assist on your searches. It can show reminders from Office 365 or Outlook manage dates on your calendar. This will be easy for Windows 10.

Better online Privacy Protection

The Edge browser will block users from accessing unsafe websites and show warnings by checking the website content and reviews from other users who already accessed the website. There are three different modes available on Edge chromium browser for preventing trackers to access your data. The Basic mode will not give much protection while Strict mode will block most of the trackers and strictly avoid harmful trackers. The Balanced mode will only block trackers from sites you have not previously visited.

Sync option from Multiple devices

You can sync all the search histories and bookmarks with other devices and do the searching facility with multiple platform. This make searches simpler. You need to create the microsoft account to use this sync service. The multiple platform can share the data with and easily manage you browsing details and data without any other third parties.

Microsoft Reward Program for Earnings

If are having Microsoft account, you can earn points from Microsoft Rewards. For this you need to do your searches through Bing search engine on Edge browser. The default search engine of this browser will be Bing and you will be easy to earn the rewards. You can then redeem these Reward points by Gift card or can given for charity.

Faster Web content loading time

The loading time of the sites in Edge is comparatively high compared to other web browsers. The low network connection can easily load the sites without waiting for the content loading. The Strict mode in Edge will prevent all trackers and load the site without giving data on non useful website data.

Premium News Content from different sites

The Microsoft News delivers news from more than 1,200 news publishers and from over 4,500 websites. You can access these content without any other payments. You can browse these sites without worring about fake news. Because the all the publishers are verified and is already trusted by readers all over the world. They also have many offices around the world to provide best content to microsoft customers. It is possible to choose and access personalized news content.

Use Extensions from Microsoft Edge Addons

The Extensions from Microsoft Edge Addons extension store is a biggest advantage of Edge browser compared to Firefox and Chrome browser. There are people using Chrome only because of Chome extensions. They can easily move to Edge browser without feeling any changes on their web browsing.

The Microsoft edge chromium download and install from the windows website. You need to download the right version for you platform for installing without any warnings.