Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, City of Laneways, Tram, Food, Music, and Culture

Melbourne, the heart of Australia named after Queen Victoria, is known as the most liveable city in the world. It not only has the best infrastructure, education system, sports facilities but it also has the maximum number of cafes, bars and restaurants in the whole world. After finding several facts about the city it is difficult not to fall in love with it. So come let’s plan your travel to Melbourne.

Travel Steer/Guide to Melbourne

Airport – Melbourne has two major airports, one is the Melbourne airport and the other one is Avalon airport. These two airports connect to all other main cities serving smoothly for years. The main airport is 23 kms away from the Melbourne City Centre.

Bus/ Train – From the airport there are various means to reach the city. The cheapest mode of transport would be combining the bus and train trips to reach the main city. There are the following availabilities of transport. The tariffs and journey time varies on the mode of transport. Usually it takes 30- 40 minutes to reach the Melbourne City Centre. Major transport facility in Melbourne are Taxi service, Star bus, Public Transport, Melbourne City Cabs, Sky bus etc.

Neighborhood of Melbourne

There are five best places to stay according to your and purpose for travel in Melbourne.

Melbourne CBD( Central Business District) – It is the main hub of Melbourne with easily accessible to transport, restaurants and livelihood. If your main purpose of visit is business or any official work then this is the best place to stay. It is a little noisy and crowded.

Fitzroy – if you are from the hippy clan and looking for some perplexing art work and amazing pubs then this is the place to stay. Most of the streets are covered with breathtaking paintings and pubs. It is only 3kms away from the CBD.

Footscray – At a distance of 5kms from CBD, this is a place for those who like to be left alone and spend some time away from the hustle of the city noise and get lost in the environment of music.

Weather Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is a city of unpredictable weather. Sometimes it’s sunny, windy, rainy or cold on the same day. Usually December, January and February are the hottest months with dry wind and June, July and August are the chilliest months.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology provide weather forecasting and important updates and you access the data from website.

The best time to visit Melbourne is during spring (March- May) or Autumn (September – November). Summer is considered to be the best time for tourists with several cultural events, food fests and live music concerts whereas the autumn season is considered to be a ‘budget friendly’ time to visit Melbourne, as the expenses gets cut down during that time.

Things to do in Melbourne

There are many things to do in Melbourne and probably a week isn’t enough for that. Apart from the pub and restaurant hoping you can also use your days in Melbourne to at least complete the following plan

The Tram Tour – This is one the oldest and romantic mode of transport still available in the city. This is a must for everyone to get the feel and warmth of the whole city in a cozy tram journey with your special one.

Exploring the Ocean Roads – It is a great journey across the Great Ocean Road of Melbourne to fall in love with the beautiful coastlines and perfect picturesque.

The Luna Park (oldest adventure ride) – Luna park has the oldest roller coaster ride of the world, so this too is a must and not to be missed.

Explore the Street Art, Laneways and famous Coffee – Melbourne is famous for its beautiful street art, world famous coffee and laneways that no other country has.

There are more beauty and history present in this mesmerizing city where lively hood is considered to be the best in the whole world, for the last seven years in a row now. So plan your next holiday to get blown away by the city of art and culture.

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