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Manage your Cryptocurrencies using Automic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is an universal wallet were you can control all your cryptocurrencies in a single place. You can manage more than 300 cryptocurrencies and coins using this wallet. It helps to send, receive, exchange and buy cryptocurrencies. This Wallet have a very reliable and transparent interface to manage crypo assets. It also reduces confusion of users in making transactions of cryptocurrencies and their exchange.

Atomic Wallet uses decentralized and cross chain exchange system. This avoids third party interfere to our cryptocurrency. It uses strong encryption to maximize the security of crypto assets. The exchange of the Bitcoins, XRP (Ripple), Ethereum and many other coins and chips can be done through this wallet. The cryptos on our wallet or peer-to-peer exchange can also done through Atomic wallet.

You can buy coins by using credit card or through your bank account. If you are using your card for purchasing the cryptocurrency, you need to select your card’s default currency type. When you purchase cryptocurrency using your credit card, you will be charged 7% commission with a minimum of $10 fee by Atomic wallet. This charge will be varied for different cyrptocurrency. You can see all your transaction history in the history tab. The working of this wallet is managed with node’s, blockexplorers and APIs provided by certificated centers. This wallet supports all ERC-20-based tokens.

The operation of Atomic Wallet uses private keys that are encrypted in the device itself. This private key will not be transferred during transactions. This prevents unauthorized access of our account. The keys are protected with a 12-word mnemonic password. Each coins will have separate private key. To view these keys, go to Atomic Wallet settings and tap on Private Keys. The local data is protected with AES encryption algorithm symmetric and all data is transferred via the BitTorrent protocol.

Direct Swap in Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet uses direct swap option to exchange cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. There will be a network fee for completing the transaction in blockchain. This fund will be transfered to miners who approved that transaction. Atomic wallet gives complete decentralization and anonymity for transactions. They don’t store any data of payments and does not require any authentication for completing the transaction.

The Bulletin board in Automic wallet can be used to put notice on crypto exchange for another coin. The wallet then picks up the another available party and swap the coins. This gives an anonymous trade and gives more security to our privacy. There is also option for Atomic Swap with p2p hash time locked smart contract technology. Ths avoid third party contact and helps to exchange the cryptos.

Exchange Cryptos using Automic wallet

You can also trade your cryptos using Shapeshift and Changelly. While using any of this cryptocurrency exchange platforms, the charges will be varied. You will get competitive exchange rate on Shapeshift. You can use Instant Exchange or Fixed rate option for exchanging the cryptos. Changelly gives faster transaction and best exchange rate. It can exchange or purchase more than 140 cryptocurrencies. These two platforms gives highest security and your transactions can be done anonymously. When you initiate the crypto exchange, the exchange rate will not be changed until the successful transaction. In some cases, the final rate will be differ from extimated rate because of instability rate in currency conversion.

Atomic Wallet uses a decentralized exchange of coins running in BitTorrent protocol. This peer to peer exchange avoids use of single centralized server and helps to prevent any loss during transaction. The interaction with blockchains are secured with TLS asymmetric encryption. This gives customers highest level of security to customer data and coins. Atomic Wallet provides 24/7 live chat support for their customers. Atomic wallet mobile App is currently available only for Android devices. For desktop users, Atomic Wallet software is available on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora operating systems.

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