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Enjoy Premium Music Experience with Livexlive

Are you a music lover who is in search of a customized radio that plays your favorite playlist? Are you missing out live concerts and music festivals because of your hectic schedule or travel requirements that you cannot meet? Are you a music geek wanting to know, all the first hand news and buffs related to music and artists?

Here is the one stop solution to all. Livexlive powered by slacker , is a music platform for global coverage and curated collection of live performances from world’s best venues and festivals for free!

To add to this excitement it’s not just an audio station like Spotify , SoundCloud or Gaana , it’s a video station. You can enjoy live concerts , music festivals and unique interactive news and hundreds of handcrafted music stations in the comfort of your living room.

Livexlive app consists of all kind of music genre like pop, hip hop, EDM, Indie, Rock, country, metal. It showcases live performance and interviews of huge talents across the globe including, EDC , Rock n Rio, Outside Lands, Hangout music fest and many more.

How to use Livexlive

Livexlive app can be used in your phone , tablet, PC, Apple TV and Amazon fire TV. You can create an account by signing up with the help of Gmail or Facebook account. Visit the profile and create your own radio by choosing favourite station, artists, albums and favorite songs by listening and choosing them.

Livexlive Website Version

  • opens to it’s home page which displays upcoming spotlight events, featured events and recommended choices according to your preference.
  • The tab at the top end of the page has a button to access your profile , home page , live events, Channels, Daily, Shop and More.
  • ‘Profile button’ will give access to list of recently played stations, artists, albums and favorite songs.
  • ‘Live events button’ showcases the upcoming and past events and festivals.
  • ‘Channel button’ helps you choose stations on basis of types of music like pop, hip hop, EDM, Indie, Rock, Country etc.
  • ‘The daily button’ brings to a page were the featured news and articles related to music and events are published.

Livexlive App Version

  • The Livexlive video app version has a very user friendly interface.
  • The app opens to it’s home screen where there is a mini screen player playing videos and there is a list of spotlight, featured and recommend videos available to choose from by swipe n scroll.
  • The tool bar at the bottom end of screen has home, live, archive and settings as buttons.
  • ‘Live button’ shows upcoming and past live events and music festivals.
  • ‘Archives button’ shows all recently played stations according to types of music and albums like hip hop, pop, Indie, rock, EDM etc.

Pros of Livexlive App

  • Access to live performances and music festivals around the globe at the comfort of your space and time.
  • Build your own custom radio station.
  • Unique interactive news buffs about favourite artists,albums and events.
  • Full screen and mini screen player with different viewing options.
  • Free access to music and events you love.

Cons of Livexlive App

  • Listening offline and building your favorite playlist would be available only with membership package.
  • It contains advertisement.

After considering all the of the above, livexlive still upholds its virtue as one of the best music app that curates premium quality content and interactive visual treats to it’s users, bringing all greatest talents and live events all over the world under one roof to enjoy. Livexlive surely is an app worth checking out and a must have app for music- savvy hearts.

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