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Make Free Calls on LINE

LINE is an online communication App which offers free International messaging, Voice and Video calls. It helps to share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts, and live location from our Smartphone. LINE contains more than 10,000 stickers and emojis that can be availed from LINE Sticker Shop. We can follow other People and Brands for receiving updates on their latest posts and announcements.

You can search LINE for your favorite characters and celebrities. The official accounts in LINE verifies accounts of Artists, Celebrities, Brands, and TV shows. We can subscribe these accounts for getting News, Promotions and other updates.

When we find something interesting, we can save these files using LINE Keep option. We can do this by clicking the menu option of any file. LINE is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and for Personal computers.

You can post Texts, Photos, Videos, and Stickers on your Timeline. These shared stories can be viewed by your followed friends. On your Timeline, you can see posts shared by people you follow. You can see all your posted stories on your personal Timeline which can be taken from your LINE Home.

If you don’t wants to see Posts from people you already following, you can hide their Posts by selecting the hide option. Your friend will not get notification about this activity. If you block someone, the person won’t receive notification, but that person cannot visit your LINE profile. When someone visits your profile, they will see your shared posts on your Timeline. You can change this sharing settings from your Timeline settings.

How Secure is LINE Chat

LINE have better security option that is Letter Sealing which gives more security on your messages and files. By turning on this feature, your chats will protected by end-to-end encryption. So the messages in LINE server will be read only by the sender and receiver.

This Letter Sealing adds a unique Key fingerprint for the connection. Your messages to your friend will be secured when the sender and receiver Key fingerprint matches each other. You will also receive notifications on Login tries and other account related informations from LINE.

When registering LINE account, you will receive an OTP for verifying the account. You can also start LINE account using your Facebook credentials. After the registration, you need to manually create the LINE ID. This id cannot be changed or deleted after the creation. You can also continue to use your account without LINE ID.

When your friend is near and you need to add that friend to your LINE account, you can open Shake it! option from your and your friend’s LINE account. After opening, Shake both smartphones for adding your friend to your account. You can also add contact using QR code, or by entering LINE ID. The Status Message in LINE will help us to share our thoughts and other viewable files to others. You can add status from your Profile settings.

Purchasing LINE Emojis, Stickers and Themes

LINE users will get reward by LINE Points that can be used to purchase stickers and themes and do online shopping. These Points can be earned by installing recommended Apps and watching Videos on LINE. You will also earn points by using LINE LIVE services everyday.

Apart from earning points, they also offer LINE Coins which are virtual currencies. You can buy these coins through Google Play or by using your bank card. You can make use of these coins to purchase emojis, stickers and themes. You can also use these purchased items to gift others.

The Live Video feature helps us to share live video to around 200 people. You can do Live Video on groups or in multi-personal chats. You can also share your mobile screen with others using this option.

LINE’s another feature is LINE Trivia which is a real time quiz show broad casted in LINE Live. LINE users can participate in this quiz freely. If we win any quiz, our profile image and name will be displayed over ranking pages and in notification announcements. To know more about the updates of this quiz game, we need to follow “LINE Trivia Account”. There are also cash prizes provided to the winners.

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