Know your Internet Speed using SpeedTest

Speedtest is a website used for testing Internet speed and it’s performance. This service is provided by Ookla. Speedtest is also available in App version and can be downloaded from Appstore and Plalystore. There are millions of people trusted Speedtest and is voted as best tool for testing Internet. The user interface of Speedtest is very simple and only need one tap for checking performance of Internet connection.

There are some factors affects final result of Speedtest. The Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities will be different for each device. This makes each device to show different results. There are also Wi-Fi routers which may not support full speed offered by Internet service provider. The Speedtest communicate with different servers also impact the performance. To get the best result of your Internet speed, you can make tests from different devices and choose different servers.

Test Internet Performance using Speedtest

  1. Connect our device to Internet or Wifi.
  2. Close other softwares which uses Internet.
  3. If you are using mobile, install Speedtest App.
  4. If desktop, open Speedtest website.
  5. Click on Go button.
  6. The Internet speed test will now start.
  7. Wait a minute for getting the result.

Speedtest gives overall summary of our Internet. By default the speed tests results will be shown in Mbps and you can change it to Kbps from the settings. It shows download speed, upload speed and the ping rate. This tool is trusted by professionals all over the world. Speedtest also checks connection status and errors in the network. From Speedtest result we can find out the problems in our network and other Internet issues. If you play online games and need to avoid lags during game play, you need to choose an Internet connection with low ping rate.

Speedtest shows mobile carrier map which helps us to choose best available network in our area. By using Speedtest, It is easy to troubleshoot Internet connection and can verify the speed promised by the Internet provider. While testing you have the option to change mode of connection between Multiple and Single. The Multiple mode will give maximum speed result of multiple parallel streams while in Single mode, the speed of single file download will be shown. The server change option can give different tests of our network in different servers which helps us to find best server available.

Speedtest have real-time graph to show the consistency of Internet connection. Speedtest uses different servers to download and upload for getting the accurate result. For getting the better result of our Internet connection, we need to try Speedtest in different time periods. If you are a registered Speedtest member, you can save the results of Internet connection right after the test. By clicking the share button this test result can be shared with others. You can also rate your service provider through Speedtest. Speedtest offer their services without advertisement by paying $0,99. This is a one time purchase only. If you still see the ads you can remove the ads by tapping ‘Remove Ads’ button.

Speedtest Intelligence for Businesses Organizations

Speedtest Intelligence is an another feature which offers up to date insights on global fixed broadband and mobile Internet performance. Speedtest will be very useful tool for companies who make decisions on Internet speed. The quality analysis and performance of their network will provide useful informations for the company growth. The Speedtest Intelligence produce data on performance of ISPs and mobile carriers. The organizations can compare other networks available in the market and make necessary changes to their network. Speedtest provides data on devices which perform best and worst on different networks and gives opportunity to make market decisions. It also identifies areas where improvement and optimization are needed.

Speedtest application is also available in Apple TV, iOS, macOS and Windows. As per Speedtest 2018 report, the highest broadband speed is provided by Singapore of 190.94 Mbps and 72.77 Mbps for Iceland in mobile Internet speed. The Ookla’s latest feature in Speedtest is Ookla 5G map. This map tracks 5G coverage all over the world. By analyzing the map, people can choose best 5G connection available in their city.

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