Kira kira App

Shine Photos and Videos using Kira kira App

Kira kira App for Android and ios device is an Application to create beautiful shinning photos and videos. Kira kira App is a free Video and Photo editor. We can produce impressive video and photos using special effects available on Kira kira app. A Professional editing and advanced effects can be given through this application.

Kira kira App is available for Android and ios devices. This app can be used by using the Camera for live Video or Photo or you can edit files that are available locally. It can make Glittering effect to Photos and Shimmering effect to Videos for making beautiful creations.

Kira kira is a Japanese word which means Sparkle. Kira kira app also gives sparking and shining effects to our photos. This App is used and loved by celebrities, fashion bloggers, makeup artists and other people who wants to make better creations of beautiful photos and videos. Kira Kira App works by detecting metals and lights in an image or camera photo and adjust the sparkling effect to make it eye catching creation.

While using the Kira kira App, you can see a bar with button shown at the right side. You can swipe it up to increase the shinning and swipe down to decrease the shinning of the photography.

Kira kira app features can also taken using the front camera for selfie mode. The Photo or Video that we created can be shared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media right from the Kira kira app. Kira kira free app can be used without any account registration. You can start using this app after the Installation. The Installation file will be named as Kira Camera. Kira kira apk can be downloaded from third party websites and installed on your Android device.

How to use Kira kira App

  1. Install Kira kira App from AppStore or PlayStore.
  2. Open Kira kira App.
  3. Select Video for make Video shooting.
  4. Select Photo for taking Photo.
  5. Swipe left or right to change Picture effects.
  6. Scroll up or down to change Shimmering effect.
  7. Click on round button to capture.
  8. After capture, you can save it by clicking download button.
  9. The file can be saved to your Gallery.

We can only make Video Recording for maximum of 10 seconds. But we can use more edit more lengthy video from our album. This app is very much effective as compared to other video editors. It gives more faster processing for Video and Photo editing on both album upload and live capture.We can only make Video Recording for maximum of 10 seconds. But we can use more edit more lengthy video from our album.

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