Store your Important Files to JioCloud

JioCloud is an online cloud service provided by Reliance Jio. You can save any file type of Photos, Videos, PDF files, Contacts, Songs and other files in JioCloud. This is similar to Google Drive cloud storage. The files stored in the cloud can be accessed from any device using your Jio account.

There are different plans and offers provided by JioCloud. You can find these offers from JioCloud Offer Page. You can easily acquire 100 GB of free storage in JioCloud by participating through different promotional activities. These programs are listed in Jio cloud website offer page. You can also manually upgrade your account by making payment and increase the cloud storage limit.

The files uploaded to JioCloud is organized by file types. You can search for your file from the JioCloud homepage. You can also filter or sort your files by date, name, file format or by using time line. The JioCloud App is available for Android, iOs, Windows and Mac Os. By installing the App, all the files and data in the storage will be automatically backed up to JioCloud.

The contacts in our phone address book can be seen from JioCloud contacts. This JioCloud contacts will find duplicate contacts and merge them together. You can easily import the contacts in JioCloud from your smart phone menu settings.

Features of JioCloud Storage Space

Another feature of JioCloud is to create and share memories with others. This helps us to save our memories of important events and our travels. You need to first create a board which is a common folder that can be shared and managed by you and your friends. You can invite your friends to join this board and they can upload files where you both share common moments. You and your invited friends can add any kind of files to the board.

Even If you were the creator of the board and if your friend uploads files to the board, the storage space will be consumed from your friend’s storage space. You can also add comments to the board and files to give more details for it.

The backed up files can be accessed on other devices where you use the same credentials of JioCloud. All these files are managed and organized together. You can create Play lists and Albums of your choice for making your favorite photos, videos, music and other files to easily accessible.

The cloud address can be also used as universal address book for all your devices. The JioCloud is ideal when you move from your old phone to new. Because you don’t need to worry about the change in data and files. Mobile phone restoration can easily done using this cloud. The files uploaded to JioCloud can be instantly accessed and streamed without any bandwidth limits.

Back up Files Automatically to JioCloud

  • Download JioCloud Installation file.
  • Install JioCloud and open.
  • Login to JioCloud using your Jio account.
  • Choose the folders and files for automatic backup.
  • The selected files will now available in JioCloud.
  • The files can be sync to other devices also.

For every files you upload, you can create sharable link that helps to share files of any size to your friends. These shared files can be accessed by anyone who have the shared link. The files sync to other devices can be used offline without the Internet connection. The files stored in JioCloud is encrypted and is highly secured. The image files uploaded through automatic backup will be resized to reduce the bandwidth. But you can change this option from backup settings and upload image without compression.

The files removed from the JioCloud will be moved to Trash can. You can restore any deleted files from here. And if you delete any file from Trash can, it will be permanently deleted. The files deleted from local computer will also delete the file from JioCloud when using automatic sync. Jio offers extra space for your cloud by inviting others to their network. You can join this program from offer page.

JioCloud Document Scanner will helps to convert white papers and documents into digital files. You can save your receipts, white boards, and notes into a PDF file using Document Scanner. So you can access your important documents and Personal identification cards in digital format and you will no longer need to carry these documents on your travel.

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