IMO App for Voice and Video Calling

Imo is an Instant messaging platform available for Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone devices. It is an Internet based service that helps to sent and receive messages with other Imo users. We can make Voice or Video call through Imo. It works only on Internet data and does not cost other additional charges. This App is a good alternative to WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat etc.

Imo Video Calls are giving higher quality even in low network speed. It also gives lesser interruptions during a call. We can create the Imo account using our mobile number. The IMO app can be downloaded from their official website. For Android Os, IMO can be installed from Playstore or using the IMO Apk available on Imo website.

There are three status for each message. After we sent a message, we can see a single tick below the message. This indicates our message have been sent to Imo. If it’s two tick, IMO have delivered our message to the recipient. If the status is blue circle, it means that the message has been read by the recipient.

Here is How to use IMO Account on our Device

  1. Download Imo App from Imo website.
  2. Open IMO and select Create account.
  3. Verify mobile number using the OTP.
  4. Select the contact from IMO contacts.
  5. Click on Call icon for Voice call.
  6. Click on Video icon for Imo Video call.
  7. Type message and hit sent for sending the message.
  8. Press back button for seeing the recent chats.

To use IMO on our desktop, we need to first download the IMO PC software from their website. Then we need to verify our Imo login using the OTP received on our mobile number. Our data on Imo will be Sync on both the devices and can access them simultaneously. This includes our chats, files transferred, contact’s profile picture etc.

If we are Busy or not in mood for talking, we can change our availability status from Available to Busy, Away, or to Invisible. This will avoid chats in busy time or when we are on a work etc.

If we are not using the mobile screen and if someone sends us a message, IMO will sent a push notification on our smartphone. We can disable this for all contacts or can select individual contact for disabling the notification. It is also possible to add custom notification sound and ring tone for each of our contact.

One of the draw back of IMO is that it does not provide option for sending Instant audio files to our contacts. To sent a voice note, we need to record the voice note and then attach the recorded file for sending.

Features of IMO App

We can do free International Voice or Video calls which is transferred over the Internet without any charges. There are free stickers available on Imo that can be shared over our chats.

All our chat history and files transferred can be Sync to the Imo cloud which secures our Messages and Media. We get unlimited storage on Imo cloud and our files are safe with better encryption methods used on their cloud server.

In our Imo account, we can update our status which can be seen by our contacts. This can be done from our Imo Story Tab. We can share our Picture, Video and Text through the Story. People who see the status can also sent their thoughts towards our Story. We can set our Story by tapping the plus button on the Story tab.

We can sent files to our contacts through Imo. We can sent photos, music files, videos, pdf files and other files. We need to click on attach icon next to the chat box to include files for sharing. There is a transfer limit for sending files which is 10 GB for a single file transfer.

IMO group chat helps to group people and share messages among group members in a single message. We can create our own group and add people to the group for sharing Messages and other Medias.

If we needs to join a group, the admin of that group needs to add our contact to the group in order to share our messages on that group. The limit of a single group members is 100k. But there is no limit for number of groups we can join or create.

The IMO contacts show only our friends who already using the Imo App. If we need to add a contact who doesn’t have Imo account, we need to sent them Imo invitation. This can be done from Imo Contacts. Our friend needs to install the Imo App and create an account for contacting us through Imo messenger.

It is also possible to use group video call which enables us to Video call with more than two contacts at a time. The people who are not in our group can join the group from the invitation link. The invitation link can be copied from the Group profile and share it to others.

There are also other apps available from IMO which are Imo Plus and Imo Beta free calls and text. The Imo beta version gives latest and new updates in Imo before it comes on normal Imo App. It is an experimental version and may not be stable as the official version. Imo Plus is a lite version of Imo and it comes with Ad free and better UI experience.

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