Gospel Living App for Children and Youth

The Gospel Living App is made for children and youth kids to inspire them to the life of Jesus Christ. This App is available for both iOS and Android device. This App will provide Activity ideas and communication with Church Community.

Gospel living App is very needed app for this modern life. Today we are having every kind of application to improve the life and to entertain at every moment. But we never have an religious app to inspire us to move through good social and religious life.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints given this religious app for making children and youth in good life through the path of Jesus Christ. Other apps related to Ids Gospel Living App are Gospel Library, Bible Videos, Sacred Music, The Book of Mormon, Member Tools, LDS Pamphlets, Doctrinal Mastery etc.

Ids Gospel Living App and Other Gospel Apps

Ids Gospel Living App is different than the other app Gospel Library which is available in PlayStore and Apple Store. This App is made with English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. By using Gospel Living, we can see the upcoming Church activities and browse through the Church media library.

The another App Gospel Library which helps to browse scriptures, Gospel songs from David Archuleta and other composers, teaching manuals, Magazines, and many more Gospel information. This App is used to make study and research on Gospel studies. There are also other study materials included inside the library for better learning of Christian messages.

Gospel Living App will show a better life for the youth and children. You can download and install Gospel living idl app when it is available at the Store. If you are facing any problems while using the Gospel Living App or any other App provided by Church of Jesus Christ, you can contact them using their e-mail address.

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