Free Antivirus from Avast

A virus is a program that affects on our device to destroy or hack our data. This virus can be affected by sharing files or by using Internet. The files affected by virus are dangerous and may cause serious problems to our device. There are other threats like malware, spyware, phishing, and unwanted softwares which are major threats to the security and performance of our device. These viruses and other threats must be removed from our device by using an Antivirus Software. By removing these viruses, we can ensure the safety of our data and working of system without any problems.

There are different Antivirus programs available in our market provided by different companies. Many of these Antivirus softwares are paid one’s. We can also find free Antivirus softwares which provide basic security to our system. This free Antivirus may not be included with full functions of a premium purchased Anti-virus but can attack threats effectively. One of the popular Free Antivirus Program widely used is Avast Free Antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus ensures intermediate security and better performance for our system. It can block threats from Internet, emails, files, P2P connections and other softwares. Avast offers to detect virus, malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and other threats. After the installation, you can scan your system for finding virus and other unusual activities running over the system. This program will be autostart and active in the background for giving real time protection to our data and device.

Avast Free Antivirus can be downloaded from their official website. After the installation, the Antivirus will be activated for 30 days free license. From the license menu, we need to either upgrade our current plan to a paid version or we have the option to opt for a 1 year free license. You can also do this after the expiration of 30 days free license.

Steps to Activate Avast 1 year Free license

  1. Install Avast Antivirus software.
  2. Open Avast user interface.
  3. Click on Menu > Licenses.
  4. On the licenses screen, click Upgrade now button.
  5. Select Avast Free Antivirus in next window.
  6. Click create an account and enter the required details.
  7. Your Avast Free license of 1 year will be added automatically.

Avast Antivirus can also find out dated softwares in our device and automatically install newer versions. This intelligent Antivirus can also solve problems over our system’s performance and issues in the network. When we surf and download files from Internet, hackers can access our data through fake browser add-ons and extensions. Avast prevent these bad programs from accessing our files by blocking and removing it from our browser. Avast blocks poor search engines by analyzing the search results. By doing these secure services, Avast provides a better and safer Internet experience and ensures complete protection to our privacy.

Avast Password Manager and Wi-Fi Inspector

Another feature of this Antivirus program is Password Manager which saves our login informations. By using this we only need to remember a master password that allow us to login our accounts in other websites in a single click. We can also sync these information on another devices. The Password Manager also offers to save our card details which helps us to quickly make secure payments and avoid trouble in remembering card details. The Master password will be encrypted and saved only in our device. We can set same master password for all our devices or assign different password for each device. These saved login details and card details will be automatically filled on the respective websites.

Wi-Fi Inspector is another layer of protection which scans our network for finding vulnerability issues and security threats. This will check status of network, connected devices, router firmware and settings. This tool prevent DNS hijacking and block connections from non-encrypted, unsecured wireless networks. The errors find by the Wi-Fi inspector must be resolved manually from router’s admin page.

For better working of Avast Antivirus, we need to ensure real time protection is active by checking over the settings. The automatic update of virus database and Antivirus software can block new viruses and prevent latest threats. You can turn of Avast notifications to avoid seeing unnecessary notifications while using full screen applications. This can be done by turning on Do not disturb mode from the settings menu.

So the Avast Free Antivirus gives best option to block threats and make our device perform well. If you are satisfied using this free Anti-virus and needs more security, you can upgrade to a paid version. Avast Internet Security, Premier and Ultimate are the premium versions of Avast which offers wide services from extra security, clean up tool to VPN service. Avast also offer 30 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their product. If you already make the purchase, you need to contact Avast sales team for canceling the subscription and to initiate the full refund.

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