Make your Eyes like Fox Eye

The new Fox Eye Challenge can be done by sharing video of you by shaving the outside half eyebrows. This will give eye like Fox. Many are sharing videos of them through TikTok and asking others to do the same. Everyone is surprising by looking at the new eye transformation.

The space after shaving the eye brow, the girls are doing their own designs and giving more beauty to their eye look. The #FoxEye hash tag can be used to share your new look over the Tiktok or in other social media platform. It is also an art in which they can show their make up techniques to impress others. This strange challenge may impress and they may also do like this and share on the internet.

Some people share Fox Eye Challenge by not shaving any of their eye brows. For some, they already have the outer eye brow space without hair. It is easy for them to show case this challenge by only just drawing only the design over it. There is also women draw colors over the eye brow hair like they have no hair in below the color. It is good idea to do like this. Because, in this way, there is no worry of taking the knife and cutting by yourself and not worrying of any accidental cuts on the face.

If you are doing this Fox Eye on your face, it will be only your responsibility as it is very danger to do because it is near the eye. Some says they look like Kendall Jenner american model after shaving their eye brows off.


Tried the #foxeye thingy! #makeup #foxeyetrend #dojacat

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