Find Cheap Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars with Momondo

Momondo is a meta search engine which helps to find best rate for booking Flights, Hotel Rooms, Car rentals and other Vacations. This website is a part of Kayak Inc and partnered with more than 700 booking provider sites and many online travel agencies. Momondo compares rate of our travel need with other websites offering the same booking option.

It shows different available rates for our search from different travel websites. By default the cheapest rate for our search will be shown first. Once we click on a desired result, it will redirect to selected website. Momondo shows ratings and reviews of each booking partner and provide us the option to give our feedback to these parties.

Momondo gives full transparency for the prices shown to the travelers. We can add our Interested places, next travel destination etc to the wish list for easy access. Momondo will keep track of our travel details and notify us for any price change. For our flight searches, we can filter the results based on cheapest, quickest and best available flights. If we give our flight details to Momondo, they will sent alerts regarding changes in our flight and time.

Momondo offer us to save all our travel details including bookings, next travel destination details and our experiences in their database. We can save these details at Momondo’s My Trips menu. We can also share our previous visited places and booking details using this feature. If we are adding details of our previous travel, we need to upload our booking receipts and other details to Momondo. This option helps us to find all our bookings and important travel details from a single place.

Momondo Price Calendar

Momondo checks for real time rates from different travel websites and individual company websites. The most advantage of this website is that from a single search, we can access all the rates available to our travel.

Momondo Price Calendar compare these rates and show us the average rate and rate changes on different time range. It shows the Price fluctuations and says the available day with best offer. This helps us to make decisions on confirming the booking. The currency type shown in Momondo website can be changed to your desired currency from the homepage menu.

The Price Calendar gives estimated rates which are calculated based on different rates from different days. The fore casted rate in price calender may not be accurate. But it can help us to find rate changes and make predictions. We can also set price alerts for a desired rate. This will send us email alert when the price becomes equal or less than to our desired rate.

Momondo Price Guarantee

Another feature of Momondo is price guarantees on hotel bookings. Suppose you have booked a hotel shown in Momondo. Within 24 hours, you have find same hotel with a cheaper price from another website. Then you can claim for a refund from Momondo for the booking.

The refund will be the difference between the cost of your original booking and the rate shown on the another website. It is also needed to check-out the hotel and sent the copy of final invoice to Momondo for processing the refund amount.

Before you claim, the properties must be identical for your booking in Momondo and offer from the other website. The properties must be same for hotel, date, room category and same booking conditions. If all of the properties of both bookings are same, Momondo will initiate a refund for the extra money charged for your booking.

The Near Me Tonight feature helps us to find last minute deals provided by hotels near to our location. We can filter the search results on the basis of lowest price, review or by popularity. Momondo can be accessed from their mobile app or through their website.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your booking, you have to contact with company you made your booking. Momondo does not have any information on your booking other than showing you the booking website and their rates.

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