Fifa 20 Web App

Fifa Web App and Companion Mobile App

Fifa Ultimate Team is a Web Application that helps to control Fut Club from your Desktop or Mobile. The FUT Web App provides the option to buy other cards and sell available cards on your account. The main feature of Fut Web App is that it can manage the Clubs and exchange the players in your club to unlock new players.

Another Fifa release is that it introduce a mobile App called FIFA 20 Companion which enhance the playing experience of Fifa 20. Both Fifa Web App and Fifa 20 Companion mobile App needs an active EA account to start with real Fifa gaming experience. All the latest versions of web browsers can support Fifa 20 Web App. By using this Web App, you can receive points, rewards and player packs.

The Fifa 20 Companion App is available for both Apple and Android devices. By installing this app, you will receive push notifications and alerts about latest Fifa offers and deals. So you no longer need to sign up for any other email subscriptions for getting latest announcements about Fifa 20. If you are using Apple device, you need to have iOS 9.3 or newer for installing the App. And for Android, minimum os version is Kitkat.

Fifa Ultimate Team Web App

You can choose your own players for building Squad and exchange them for getting rewards. After the exchange of your squad for the Challenges, the players will be removed from your Club. Here is how you can start a challenge and exchange the squad,

  • Open FIFA 20 from your Web App.
  • From the main menu, select FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Open Squad Building Challenges and select a Challenge.
  • Use your Club items for building the Squad.
  • If requirements not met, use the Transfer Market.
  • Submit the Squad team in exchange of Rewards.

You can give Traits to Players for giving certain characteristics like unique skills, styles, and behaviors to the players. For each player, you can give traits like Finesse shot, Outside foot shot, Power header, Powerful free kicks etc.

There are three Game editions available for FIFA 20. They are Fifa 20 Origin Access Premier, Standard, Champions and Ultimate edition. For Pre-orders, EA offers special add-ons. For Ultimate Edition, they offers early ea access, 24 Rare Gold Packs and Special Fut Kits. But in this edition, the pre-order is available only for PS4, XBOX ONE and for Personal Computer. The Standard edition is available also for Nintendo Switch. The Origin Access Premier which is Ultimate Edition which is PC only access that can be played only with Origin Access Premier subscription.

The FUT 19 version is replaced by FUT 20 and EA not giving access to use the FUT 19 version. Another problem is that you cannot transfer the Fifa Points on your old version to the new Fifa 20 either through Fifa web app or companion app. But you can access your Coin balance and other items from your Fut 20.

By following different objectives on Fut Web App, you can receive the rewards and level up your FUT Season. You can see the Season informations and points from the Season Widget. Whenever you reach the Fut Season XP, your Season will be upgraded. When you have reached the Season final, the Reward level and the Season XP will be reseted.

The Fifa 20 installed PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 users can login to FUT Web App and Fifa Companion App. You cannot use the FUT Web App or the Fifa Mobile App along with your console. You need to log out your EA account on your console inorder to use the Web Application.

If you are facing an issues on your related EA account or Fifa game, you can ask the EA community for help. This support forum is called Answers HQ or AHQ which helps players to get answers for their problems during the game play or game installation. You must be having an account in EA Games and needs to follow the guidelines inorder to ask for Community help.

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