Apple devices Replica by Fictional Pear Devices

The Pear Phone is a fictional phone that is used in iCarly which is a Television program. This Program started in the year 2007 and ends at 2012. The Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, Jennette McCurdy are the main stars of this program. This is G rated series which genres Comedy, Family and Romance. There are six seasons for this program.

The creator of iCarly is Dan Schneider. Apart from pear phone, there are also different products like PearBooks, PearPads, PearPods, used in this program. The attractive thing in this pear phone is that it is pear shaped.

All the products features are replica of apple pear and we may confused on the products that it will be manufactured by Apple. But it have no other connection with Apple Inc apart from the resembling of Apple devices names. So it not available to pear phone for sale.

The one thing you can do is, you can purchase an pear phone case that are available online and it will have a logo of pear on the back side of case. It is also possible to buy that can be sicked over your Apple device. The pear phone case is available at Etsy and from amazon website.

Pear Phone Victorious

Similar to iCarly pear phone, another program from Dan Schneider which is Victorious also features and makes parody of Apple devices. The main casting of this program is done by Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas and Matt Bennett. There are four seasons for the program and genres Comedy, Family and Drama. Both the iCarly and Victorious says the story of teenage girl.

The Transparent computer and Pear Os iPear makes everyone to think may this product really available. The huge fans of iCarly and Victorious are already fall for this and really looking to buy pear phones and hope these are available on the local store. The PearBook Pro which is just like the Apple MacBook Pro which will be dreamed by everyone.

It is also possible to someone offering pear phone xt or any other device for money. But you must be careful in those offerings and realize the fact that, it is not real pair phone and will not be available from online or offline stores.