Fam Sentry App

There are different sites that they offer Fam Sentry App. But these sites do not offer the Fam Sentry App. Some are saying that this App is available for Android and iOS devices and can be installed from the respective App Stores.

I have searched the Fam Sentry over the Apple AppStore and Google Playstore. I cannot find it from there. If you have searched over the internet for this application, you will be end up in sites that are redirecting to another website or other pages. I am aware that this application offering sites are somewhat faking it or trying to offer that their website is not providing such a software.

You must be careful for visiting these sites. They gives different links that most of the links asks to download a certain software, which may be harmful for your computer system or mobile device.

Sentry Parental Control App not FamSentry App

The other App available on App store is Sentry Parental Control App which is not the real FamSentry. This Sentry Parental App which is useful for the parents to give guidance to their children. They can track if any suspicious image or message reaches to children’s device. This App will sent report to Parents to know how much time and which are the activity done by their children on the mobile device.

Another feature of this application is to track the location of the mobile. This is very useful where they can know where their children is and where all they have gone. If anything happen to their children, they can track the last location and make further movements. The online contents that are available across the internet will become a major thread to every teenage students. By avoiding these website content they an make a better growth to their loved ones.

This Parenting App can make a healthy relationship between the child and the Parent. But if you are not looking the other Fam Sentry App, there you will end up in some sites that may be harmful for your device and the data inside it.

So before accessing those sites, make sure the Fa Sentry App is released and their official website is available, you can sure move and install the application and start using.