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Face Transformations using FaceApp

FaceApp is a latest application which gives realistic transformations of Face images. It uses Artificial Intelligence feature for generating different changes and modifications on Face look and appearance. It can predict and design the faces on different times in a given human face.

You can make use of selfie, camera photo or can upload gallery image for making the transformations. It have many editing features including changes to Face Impression, Smile, hair color, hair style, beard etc. You can also set different filters for these editing features for customizing the Image.

FaceApp uses neural network for making Faces more realistic and original. Face app aging transformation become more popular when it provides perfect change of a face when the person becomes old. It can change the face color, size and curves according to the age.

This App can add face changes including creepy, hilarious, weird, fascinating and many more Face transformations. Adding toothy smile, switching genders etc gives more advance editing using FaceApp.

FaceApp features can only used from their App versions and cannot use from FaceApp online website. We can also use Faceapp Apk for installing Faceapp on Android devices. This App is simple to use and can experiment Face designs and transformations using the Smartphone.

How to Generate Old Face using FaceApp

  1. Install FaceApp from PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. Open FaceApp and allow Gallery Permission.
  3. Select Camera icon for taking Photo.
  4. Or select available gallery image.
  5. From the filters, Select Age.
  6. Change the type from Original to Old.
  7. If needed, add additional edits.
  8. Apply the changes.
  9. Tap on download icon for saving the Image.

The Old face of given image will now generated and available on the phone gallery. We can then share the generated image on Social Media right from Faceapp while saving the Image.

Another feature of FaceApp is that it can change Image background without affecting the Face appearance. There are many background themes available in FaceApp. Apart from these themes, we can add custom Image from our gallery for adding Background.

FaceApp becomes popular when celebrities and other popular personalities share their Faceapp old images on their social network. Face app challenges were also going through social media which gives FaceApp more popularity across the people of all ages. The challenges were done by including FaceApp frame feature which gives single image of latest Face and the FaceApp Old Face together.

The Celebrity Tab in FaceApp shows FaceApp generated Images of popular actors, sports people, models etc. You can search your favorite personalities using the search option for getting the FaceApp images uploaded by different users of FaceApp.

There are many FaceApp news coming with images of celebrities who use FaceApp for generating their old aging faces. But this may or may not be true because FaceApp can be used by other people to modify the Images of anyone.

FaceApp is developed by Wireless Lab, Russia and becomes most trending and popular App in PlayStore. FaceApp uploads our image to their servers for altering the image for making given changes. FaceApp Privacy Policy states that they will use the user location, IP address and log file information for showing personalized advertisements. You can link your facebook account with FaceApp for posting and sharing FaceApp generated images on your Facebook.

Extra Features available on Face App Pro

FaceApp Pro is paid version of FaceApp. We can unlock extra features and filters by upgrading our normal FaceApp account to Face App Pro account. This premium version helps to save image without the FaceApp watermark which gives more realistic output for the Generated photograph. This Pro version gives extra filters for smoothing skin tone, adding facial hair etc.

There will be no advertisements in FaceApp Pro. They provide 3 subscription plans. For 1 month plan, it will be Rs.299/-. For 1 year plan, it is Rs.1599/- and is charged on monthly basis of Rs.133/- per month. For Lifetime Plan, it is Rs.3099/- which is a one time payment.

BBC News compare different personality faces for generating predictions of Faces in different ages. They use younger images for generating the Face app old face. The Age app face results were good enough for resulting the old faces using FaceApp. You can see the transformation results from BBC FaceApp Prediction.

Face app mod is modified version of FaceApp. Different FaceApp mods are available with different features and filters. These modified versions are developed by other people and is not official Face App. So it is better not to install FaceApp mods for avoiding privacy issues.

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