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Engage more with Customers using WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is a chat application made exclusively for Business organizations. It allows business owners to easily interact with their customers. This App mainly helps to improve the customer relation and is available in more than 60 languages. WhatsApp Business is similar to regular WhatsApp messenger used by common people.

The Business owners can use WhatsApp Business for interacting with their customers. Even though the customer can use their WhatsApp messenger for sending and receiving messages from the business account. WhatsApp business gives a special Business Profile to the customer. This informations can be seen from the business contact profile. The Information of Business which are company’s address, email, location, category, description, business hours and website address.

WhatsApp Business helps to share the Promotional elements like banners, photos, videos and other media files to customers in an easy and simple way. The international free messaging and calling service in WhatsApp helps to target both inbound and outbound customers to their business.

If your business is already using a WhatsApp account, you can install WhatsApp Business and register the same number for creating business account. This will upgrade your normal WhatsApp account to Business account. You can also export old chats of your normal WhatsApp messenger to newly created Business account.

You can see the statistics of how many messages sent, received, delivered, and read for getting better understanding of customer engagement towards your Business. You can use WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business on the same device. But you need to provide different number for both normal and business account.

WhatsApp Business Features

By using WhatsApp Business, you can use different formatting for your messages. The available formats are Italic, Bold, Strike through and Monospace. Another feature of this app is to hide non frequent chats from main interface by archiving those chats. You can archive multiple chat by selecting the chats together.

Due to it’s easiness and non-costly implementation, the business organizations used regular SMS messaging earlier have moved to WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business is also getting reach on Airline help centers and other e-commerce websites for improving customer communication. You can also backup your chats and shared files to cloud network for future needs.

Also If you have important chats, you can use pin chats to appear that particular chat on top of other chats. You need to click on pin icon for pinning a chat and re-click it for unpinning. You can pin maximum of 3 chats on top of other chats. This App also supports WhatsApp Web which helps to use the Whatsapp business account in your personal computer without need of mobile phone. This function did not provide video calling option from your computer.

WhatsApp Business App allows to create a Two step verification code, which can be used when you want to install and use your WhatsApp account on a different device. Even if you forgot the password of your account, WhatsApp allows you to recover the account using the e-mail address given at the time of account creation. You can disable this feature at any time.

Verified Profiles in WhatsApp Business

Most of the Business profiles are registered only by verifying the phone number and cannot trust its genuineness. So WhatsApp personally checks every business for preventing spam profiles and activities.

The verified profiles will be listed as an Official Business WhatsApp account and non-verified profiles are just Business accounts. The verified profiles will have a verified badge on their profiles. The verification process depends on the popularity of the Business. The verified profiles will reduce Spam accounts and customer can trust the source.

Business owners can use their land number for creating the business account. For this at the time of verification, you need to select the “Call me” option to receive the OTP code through phone call.

Another feature of WhatsApp Business is to share your business status with your contacts. The files that can be shared are texts, photos, videos and animated GIFs. This status will be available only for 24 hours and will disappear after that time. If you have customers from other countries, you can save their number along with their Country code. So saved contacts who already have WhatsApp account can seen from contact list of your WhatsApp Business.

The messages which are sent and received were secured with End-to-end encryption. This helps message we sent can only seen by whom we sent the message. It prevents unauthorized access of WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates and calls. This mechanism gives better security and safety for our data.

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