Do the Godzilla Challenge and win Prize from Eminem

The Godzilla challenge, a competition for Social Media users to try to replicate it with slim fast flow on WRLD-supported juice.

Eminem announced the challenge on Triller earlier this week and told Fans that he would be handing out prizes to those who could best apply. Eminem’s new Track “Godzilla” has just broken the world record for Rap verse speed. The track, the most popular Song of the album, has a posthumous appearance by Juice WRLD.

The Rapper, who is known for his slow Flow, filmed his performance during his appearance on the LL Cool J es Rock The Bells Radio show.

The latest Version – with the speed and accuracy of the real Slim Shady. This call shows the last 31 seconds of the third Verse of “Godzilla”, which is Packed with 224 words with a total of 330 syllables.

Eminem and Juice are expected to be included in the Guinness Book of records with a new Track, making a sweet tribute to the late Rapper. Eminem’s 11th Album “Music to be Killed by” was unexpectedly released on January 17.