DMX Challenge App

DMX Challenge App to Make DMX Videos

DMX is an American rapper popularly known for his album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. His rap song from 2000 has been taken as a challenge by many girls now. This is trending now as the dmx challenge.

The Rap song What These Want is the dmx challenge song used to create the challenging video. Many women take their selfies and used it to create the DMX challenge music video. In the video, the girls and women show different hair styles throughout the video.

What is the DMX Challenge

The song lyric says different names of women who meets with DMX. By playing the song in background the selfies were added to the video. So by saying different names, the different images will be showed and it pretends they are different people. You can add different images of yours of any time for getting the best result of DMX challenge.

The DMX challenge is mainly celebrated by girls by changing their hair style, colour, texture etc. Many celebrities and famous people create video and share the challenge. They share the challenge video on their social media like Facebook and Twitter. They also challenge others to do video like this and ask to post them on their social media account.

The DMX Challenge has nothing to do with the rap song or the music video. It is just a trending challenge that makes women to challenge others by changing their hair style and create their stills along with the DMX video background.

Dmx Challenge Music Video

It started like What these want from a nigga and it’s further questions. Below you can play the video along with the lyrics. It is a Hip-Hop/Rap from DMX and the Featured artist in this video is Sisqó. It lengths 4:37 minutes and the names were of people he met will be said after one minute of the video song. The DMX says 46 different women names in the challenge song.

Many search for the video created by others which shows their different styles by changing their appearances of different time on their life. This is really fun to watch and many loves to post their challenging video on their social media. The DMX Challenge really gives the beauty of black women by changing their appearance. The most beauty in these video is that the different appearance can be seen from a single video.

This was a good challenge for women who change their hair style very frequently. So that they can have many photos with different appearances. We can get more videos of DMX Challenge by using #DMXChallenge hash tag on our Twitter and Instagram account.

DMX Challenge App

How to do DMX Challenge? The DMX Challenge can be created by using the DMX challenge video app. If you are using Apple device, you can use the LumaFusion, Filmmaker Pro or Magisto to create the DMX challenging video.

Before you start editing the video or you can collect the photos where you need to add along with the DMX song. The DMX What these song also needed to be downloaded in order to add along with the challenge Video.

If your device is Android, you can use FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Clip or KineMaster to create the video you need. You can just add the music and photos into the video editor in order to make the video. Sync the photos to reach the words spell by DMX to better video. After creating the video, save it to your device gallery to view and share it on the social media. Don’t forget to add the hash tag, so that they can also see the video by searching over the Internet.

DMX Challenge FAQ

What is DMX Challenge?

DMX Challenge is the challenge were women change their hair style while playing the DMX Song.

What is the DMX challenge song?

From the album “And Then There Was X”, American rapper DMX rap song starting What these bitcoins want from a nigga? is used for DMX challenge song.

How to do the DMX Challenge?

DMX Challenge can be done using the DMX Challenge App and add the different hair style stills along with the DMX song.

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