Online lessons for Chinese Students from Dingtalk

Wuhan schoolchildren have been taking lessons online. It is done from DingTalk and facilitate classes as schools.

DingTalk helps to give free attendance management and mobile approval. Support mobile clock-in and fixed/free/shift attendance management with mobile leave approval. With powerful workflow engine support, you can customize your own or preloaded templates and approval chain.

Chinese students are not enthusiastic about taking online classes at home.

Ding Ding in Chinese, is an all-in-one mobile workplace, which enables text, photo, voice and video communication. Apart from school use, users have to pay for hardware and additional cloud storage or conference call minutes.

After the webhook address is added to an existing contact, all alarm notifications that you previously received by email and SMS are now received through the DingTalk group.

But that tense climate is also probably why the internet has taken such joy in reacting to news of the Wuhan schoolkids, which has been circulating heavily weekend and brought at least a degree of lighthearted relief to what’s become an otherwise depressing story.

Like WhatsApp, DingTalk lets senders see if recipients have read messages, but it also has a “ding” feature that can bombard recipients with repeat notifications, text messages and phone-call reminders.