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How to delete Instagram Account

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On your Instagram Account registration, Instagram use our Profile information, Communication and contact information, Device information and the usage information for creating the Instagram Profile. These data will be used for the Advertising and other feature testing.

If you are concern with your profile and aware about your data usage, you can decide whether or not to use these Social Networks. For your data safety and protection, you need to read the Privacy and Policy of every social network or website you are signing up.

Instagram account can be deleted in two ways,

  1. Permanent Delete.
  2. Temporary Disable.

Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Instagram Permanent delete will remove our Instagram profile and entire data from our account. The Profile picture, uploaded Photos, Videos and our account activities will be removed after the deletion. This also include our comments and like we done on Posts of others. Steps to Permanently delete Instagram account,

  1. Login to the Instagram Account.
  2. Go to Instagram permanent delete page.
  3. Select the reason for account deletion.
  4. Enter the Password.
  5. Click on “Permanently delete my account”.
  6. Instagram account and Profile will be deleted.

To delete instagram account on iphone, we need to login to Instagram account using the web browser. This is because the delete option is not available on Iphone Instagram App. For Android version, the deletion option is available on Profile settings. The Instagram messages and other data on our profile will be deleted and cannot be recovered after the account deletion.

Disable Instagram Account Temporarily

Disabling the Instagram Account will only hide our Instagram profile from other People. Our Instagram Profile, Photos, Comments and Likes etc will be hidden from our followers and other Instagram users after the permanent disable. Steps to temporarily disable of Instagram account,

  1. Login to the Instagram Account.
  2. Open our Profile.
  3. Click on Edit Profile option.
  4. Select “Temporarily disable my account”.
  5. Select the reason for Account disable.
  6. Enter the Account password.
  7. Click on “Temporarily Disable Account”.
  8. The Instagram Account and Profile will now disabled.

After disabling the account, other people and our followers cannot see the Instagram profile. The disable option is only available when we login Instagram account using the web browser. This option is cannot be used from Instagram App.

The Instagram account deletion or temporary disable will not notify our followers. They can only known this whenever they specifically search our Instagram Profile. If anyone enter into our profile using the Instagram id or profile link, they will be served with a non-availability page.

We can enable our Instagram Account by entering our Username and Password or by using the given login options. This will re-activate our account and Profile. The reactivation will unhide contents and will be visible to other Instagram users according to given visibility.

The deletion of Instagram account will also delete the Instagram id. But this id cannot be used by other people to register an Instagram account. If you have deleted the Instagram account, the associated Instagram Page will also get deleted. So you cannot post or connect with the followers of Page after the Permanent delete.

Before deleting the Instagram Account, beware that the data in the account cannot be recovered. So before deletion it is suggested that to backup important data. To download the backup,

  1. Open the Instagram account.
  2. Select on Profile Icon.
  3. Open Settings and select Privacy and Security.
  4. Select Data Download.
  5. Enter the e-mail address for getting the Backup.
  6. Enter your Instagram Password.
  7. The Backup data will be sent to the e-mail address.

Instagram allows to download all our data in our account. This includes our photos, videos, chats, comments, contacts, captions, searches etc.

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