Create Better Notes with Evernote

Evernote is a helpful tool for creating and organize notes. We can save our important notes, organize daily activities and share these notes with others uisng Evernote. From Personal note to Business note, we can organize everything at a single place. The notes saved on Evernote are secure and can access by others if permission is given. These notes can be accessed online from anywhere. Evernote account can be sync with other device and can access Evernote files. We can set daily routines and reminders in Evernote to complete notes in time.

Using Evernote, we can save important web pages and pdf files to our notes. It is possible to avoid the advertisements and save the web pages. This option replaces the bookmarking tool and helps to show the website information offline. This avoids website visit and reduces the data usage. The website contents can be saved by parts and can avoid non useful informations.

Evernote can save our important files like insurance files, warranty papers, product information, invoices, receipts etc. So we can access these files without need of original. If you need to search for a particular note, you can filter it by using date, keywords or by location.

We can earn points when we refer Evernote to our friends. These points can be used for purchasing Evernote monthly or annual subscriptions. Evernote can add texts and annotations along with the notes. The important parts of information can be highlighted on our notes or in the saved contents. Categorizing the notes according to their priority and grouping them in folders will help to access important notes easily.

Save Website Contents using Evernote

  1. Open the webpage you need to save.
  2. Press and hold to select required content.
  3. Copy the selected contents.
  4. Open Evernote and create new note.
  5. Paste the copied contents.
  6. The webpage contents will be appear in the note.
  7. If need, add more contents to the note.
  8. Save the note.

Add title and required tags to the notes for finding notes easily. Another feature of Evernote is to capture handwritten notes. This function is only available for Android and Apple devices. Evernote can identify more than 28 typewritten languages and 11 handwritten languages. This function can be used for converting our offline work to online without retyping the entire work. This reduces our extra work time and gives a remote working environment. The Dark theme in Evernote can be used to reduce eye strain and other problem.

Evernote provides customized templates for different use. These templates are preformatted notes in different categories that can be used for your work. You can see the available templates and access them from the template gallery. You can customize these templates to make it compatible with your work nature.

Evernote Premium Subscription

Evernote Premium is a paid version of Evernote. This subscription plan can be purchased at $34.99 for 1 year. We can see the version history of our files and is possible to restore the older version from Evernote. Our notes can be presented to others by using Presentation mode in Evernote. You can attach mails, Office & Google docs, PDFs, business cards, images, and handwritten notes along with your presentation.

The Premium plan offers 10 GB of new upload space in each month. This helps to store our huge files and documents to Evernote. You can forward important mails and attachments to Evernote for saving into your account. The PDF file texts can be highlighted and annotated in the Premium account.

Evernote Business Account

Evernote Business is a paid service given for Businesses organizations. In companies, the individual notes of each member can be shared with other team members. This helps team members to share their ideas each other. The team members can also attach PDF files, images, presentations, doc files and other files along with the notes. The company can also integrate Evernote with Google Drive, Outlook, Salesforce and Slack for team collaboration. This offers team oriented working and unites different working systems in a single place.

Another feature of Evernote Business is to scan Business cards. If a business card is scanned using Evernote, it can automatically collect information from the business card. The Name and phone number can be save to our contact in a single click. Other data like Company name, additional phone numbers, e-mail id’s, and company Address. Evernote also finds the LinkedIn profile of the person and shows it under contact’s social network. You can purchase Evernote Business subscription at $69.99/yearly from Evernote website, iTunes or from Google Play Store.

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